Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a day in the life of my tummy...

I've been taking some shots of my meals the past couple days to share. They're perfect for the season- light, but still satisfying and energy-rich.

Breakfast is usually:
A thick slice of homemade bread toasted with peanut butter and jam or organic butter and honey and a bit of fruit
A soy latte made with our espresso machine with a dab of honey stirred in

Lunch yesterday was:
Blanched Asparagus, lettuce from the garden, tomatoes, avocado and soft boiled egg with an oil and vinegar dressing sprinkled with grated parmasean

And for a light, no fuss dinner when my man was due home late:

Homemade baked beans made by sauteing one tiny onion and pickled capsicum, adding butter beans with tomato paste, a dash of salt and sugar and herbs de provence on top of
Homemade bread, toasted and drizzled with olive oil
Topped with fresh feta and parsley


Dessert, you ask? Homemade dark chocolate chip cookies of course! I always keep some dough in the freezer for a quick fix.


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Gina said...

Oh my word, can I come and live at yours?! So much gorgeous freshness... asparagus, yum!

My Love is..... said...

OMG I am coming over for dinner... homemade baked beans and fetta my fave!! Do you use a bread maker for your bread??

Lola Nova said...

All my favorite sorts of delicious!
Winter here, so stews and soups with hearty freshly baked bread. Last night was Peruvian Quinoa stew with garlic toast.

Have you ever tried sunflower butter? Like peanut butter only, you know, sunflower seeds. It is strangely sweet, tastes like there is honey mixed in but there isn't. Just discovered it.
..and yes, I'll be headed over in a jiff for a bite.

Meagan said...
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ecoMILF Meagan said...

Oh how very kind of you all to flatter my baked beans. LOL!

@my love is... I make it by hand and in the oven- no machine in my home, although sometimes I wish I had one. It's actually not such a big deal to knead and bake, but the timing has to be right as you have to wait for it to rise twice. I should really be making my dough right now and letting it rise in the sunlight. But in reality I usually do it while dinner is cooking and it's popped in the oven around 9/9:30

@lolanova I haven't tried sunflower butter- I will. I have almond butter which we use often. But I am certainly a sucker for sweets.

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