Saturday, November 21, 2009

dear santa,

I know it's a little early to be asking for my Christmas presents, and I know I promised that I wouldn't buy anything new and that I'd encourage others to buy only handmade or make me handmade things... but here is a list of a few things that I really have a hankering for. Even if I don't get them all for Christmas, maybe you could send a suggestion or two to Cupid for Valentine's day.... or the Bunny for Easter... or even the Tooth Fairy, as I am pretty sure she owes me from when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Thanks for the consideration and I'll be sure to leave some gingerbread and frothy soy out for you this Chrissy eve.


1. Mineral makeup (I've run out of my foundation and bronzer, please and thank you)
Here is a great company: sante mineral makeup

2. Some reading and crafting material: Handmade Home, by Amanda Soule, writer of the infamous blog soulemama and One Skein, by Leigh Radford for my new knitting hobby.

3. This beautifully simple and lovely organic cotton/hemp dress by madydooijes on Etsy

4. Organic Cotton Yarn form to make many many dishcloths and washcloths from- since I have decided the best way to teach myself how to knit is to play around with dishcloths and washcloths until I perfect my techniques.

That's all. Especially because I have already received the best gift of all- I am going to do a jivamukti yoga workshop with Sharon Gannon and David Life for 4 days at Samadhi yoga in Sydney in February!!! Hoorrah! I was going to do their teacher training in New York when I feel pregnant with L'il B and he kind of put of a hold on that whole dream.... so this workshop and 4 days with two of my greatest mentors and inspirations- well, I shouldn't really be asking for anything because I am so lucky!


One pair of Hands said...

Lucky you if you get that book One Skein. Can I be the first one to borrow it? (just joking)

Tammy James said...

Hi Meagan,
I just read your blog then followed the link from my next blog read to an older post of hers. Made for you ... maybe in your Christmas spend free challenge.

jodi said...

guess who is doing the samadhi teacher training next year?

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