Sunday, November 22, 2009

serene sundays...

Sundays are a time for sleeping in, having late, long and wholesome breakfasts, sipping tea, reading the paper, planning the meals for the week, trips to the market, mending, cleaning, reorganizing, recharging, spending time with family and friends, reading books, playing in parks, taking naps in the sun, baking bread or any of the above in combination.

In light of this, I will categorize my Sunday entries as “serene sundays” and put up photos that describe my mood, thoughts, ideas, inspiration or general weekend goings-on, instead of writing an entire entry.

Quiet weekend indoors while my plants guzzled up the beautiful rain.

I did some knitting while L'il B had his nap today... first I worked on my dishcloth from down-to-earth's tutorial... and then got frustrated because my yarn wasn't right and my needles weren't the right size and I kept making mistakes.... so I unravelled that. I'll have to start again when I get the right materials and practice a bit more. Then I tried to start a little hat for a newborn due in December, but I couldn't get the K1P1 right... does "K1P1 ribbing" mean knit one and then purl one all the way through a row? And if so, what about the ends for some reason they end up all loose and tangled... frustrated again... unravelled.

And then L'il B woke up. Alas- 2 hours of knitting with NOTHING to show of it. Patience is a virtue when it comes to this new hobby, but at least I am learning to be a perfectionist, something I have never been, and I do believe it is quite important when you knit and sew.

When L'il B woke up he was quite stir crazy as he hadn't played outside all day...

Luckily, at about 4:30 it cleared enough for us to go on a little family walk.
Puddles were obviously the main attraction.

Trains are always a big hit.

These city ducks loved the new "ponds" they could splash around in (ew).

Hope everyone had a restful and and relaxing weekend. We had a lovely dinner with friends last night. K brought an apple torte that was to die for (when I remembered to take photos it was already sitting sweetly in our tummies). I will ask her for the recipe and post it soon. Off to watch the Australian Idol Finale- I am only slightly excited about it.... VOTE STAN!! Might bake something too but I can feel my pants getting tighter as the holiday baking spirit begins to take hold of me.



My Love is..... said...

we are just getting the rain now and its so nice.
You are on the right track with the k1P1 you might need to start easch row with a slip 1 (this is where you slip the first stitch onto the needle without knitting it(instead of a K1) then continue with P1K1P1K1 till the end It will make your edges a bit tighter..... let me know if this helps ;)

One pair of Hands said...

Are you remembering to bring the yarn forward between the needles to make the purl stitch, and back again for the knit stitch. Can make a bit of a mess if you don't.
Don't stress over it. Enjoy your garter stitch and give yourself time.

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