Thursday, December 24, 2009


I can't get enough of The Birth House, by Ami McKay. I read it every spare second I get (basically whenever L'il B is down for a sleep and everyone else is scattered about doing various things). I am aiming to finish it tonight or tomorrow, so I will make this brief... when I get into a book I can't let it go until I've devoured it.

Back to the pages, to save time I'll quote The Quill and Quire's synopsis

"...The Birth House follows the travails of an early 20th-century Scots Bay midwife, Dora, and her mystical Acadian mentor, Miss Babineau. As a profit-minded doctor discredits her trade and a drunken husband assaults her body, Dora struggles to provide sanctuary and self-determination for the women of her village. Vivid with accounts of childbirth and cures brought on by herbs, prayers, and folklore, the book also works in some of the era’s more memorable events and phenomena. The First World War, the Halifax Explosion, the U.S. suffragette movement, the influenza epidemic, and even the craze for treating “hysteria” with vibrators are all seen through Dora’s eyes..."

Love! Love! Love! If you liked The Red Tent (Anita Diamant) then you will love The Birth House.

Happy Christmas Eve to all of you in Australia! (It's still the 23rd where I am).



Amy Paul said...

utterly fabulous book. I gorged myself on it too until I read the entire thing. Have not read the red tent. Will add it to my list.
Merry Christmas!

My Love is..... said...

Awesome! I love a good book recommendation. Popping it on my list now!

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