Sunday, December 20, 2009

serene sundays...

Sundays are a time for sleeping in, having late, long and wholesome breakfasts, sipping tea, reading the paper, planning the meals for the week, trips to the market, mending, cleaning, reorganizing, recharging, spending time with family and friends, reading books, playing in parks, taking naps in the sun, baking bread or any of the above in combination.

In light of this, I will categorize my Sunday entries as “serene sundays” and put up photos that describe my mood, thoughts, ideas, inspiration or general weekend goings-on, instead of writing an entire entry.


It's still technically Saturday night where I am, but here's a look at our first week of holidays with Papa (grandpa) and Bama (grandma). Dada arrives in two days- hurrah! We miss him dearly.

Papa, L'il B and Bama on the beach

The island we're staying on has a permanent population of only around 300. The fire engines thankfully are rarely used, so we get to have a close look any and every day of the week. I wonder who loves them the most...

Someone else liked vegan gingerbread even more than Santa

Decorating the tree. We still have to make our seashell ornaments once the whole family arrives.

Hope everyone had a peaceful weekend leading up to this crazy non-stop week.



Amanda said...

Beautiful....What an amazing place to spend the holidays!!! And that little one is just too darn sweet :)

My Love is..... said...

So wonderful. Totally worth the horrid travel routine!

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