Thursday, January 28, 2010

changing the rules

I received a lovely treat from Faerwillow at Serendipity - my very first blog award. I am flattered that she has passed the love on to me and even more delighted to check out the other lovely ladies she nominated. Of course, with the award came rules... and if you ask my husband, I have never ever been very good at following rules. So, at the risk of offending, I will tweak a few of them to better suit me. Hope you don't mind!

The original rules and my changes...

1. Thank the person giving the award - Oh, I would never change this one- Thank you so much!

2. Copy the award to your blog- Alternatively, I have included a pretty leaf.

3. Place a link to the award-giver's blog- Done.

4. Name seven things people don't know about you- I'm really not that interesting. How about seven easy ways to go from earth-murdering consumerist family (sorry, that sounds harsh) to green mean fighting machines

5. Nominate seven other bloggers who you admire- Well, this was the hardest part. Seven just isn't my number of choice- and this is not to say I don't enjoy seven bloggers- because I presently email subscribe to 33 blogs that I read daily, but I felt I just couldn't name seven and not the other 26. I also don't want anyone who I nominated to feel obligated to accept the award, follow the original rules or mine etc. So, please see my right sidebar for a list of lovely and inspirational blogs I peruse on a daily basis.

6. Place a link to these bloggers- Yes, the links are there.

7. Leave a comment on their blog notifying them of the award- Not really applicable.

So sorry if I have offended anyone by not playing by the rules. But of course, I have always believed rules were made to be broken.



Kristi said...

Change the rules, we love you anyway!
Enjoy your first blog award, may you have many more.

faerwillow said...

~glad you broke the rules...just one more reason you are such a joy! thank you so for your kind words and brightest blessings...p.s.~ you on right on with number 4...something we try very hard to do on a daily basis and try to get others in our life to do the same...some are just resistant to change!~

Gina said...

I think that's a lovely way to acknowledge the award you were given. I love the leaf.

Now I'm off to be reminded of how to live without plastic wrap - we've gotten back into bad habits there and I need your inspiration. xx G

One pair of Hands said...

Well done - an award well deserved.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

i agree, rules were meant to be broken! congratulations on the award, too. well deserved!

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