Tuesday, January 26, 2010

happy australia day!

Well, today started off like most other holidays- Big B headed to work after a quick brekky and L'il B and I wandered the streets, hit the park and did some shopping. But, this time we stocked up on egg whites, sugar, kiwis, strawberries and blueberries- you guessed it, we made Pavlova!

Of course, all master plans go hand in hand with their unforeseeable setbacks: L'il B took a tumble right into the dreaded coffee table corner. Has there ever been a coffee table in the history of the universe that hasn't left a 1 to 5 year-old bleeding from the face? But, really?

He calmed down fairly quickly with the help of some of mama's milk, but after I had wiped most of the blood away, I realized to my horror that he had bit right through his lip!! A tiny bloody tooth mark lay just under his lip and you don't want to know what it looked like from the inside. So, we called Dada up, and said, "Dada, get home now!!", and we all drove to the emergency clinic to make sure stitches weren't in order. At this point, L'il B had completely forgotten about his spill and was much more interested in the hospital playroom and all the new toys he could get his grubby little hands on. Two hours later... the Doctor told us stitches weren't necessary and L'il B would probably just be left with a little scar under his lip. Thank goodness, lucky stars! I definitely had a very parental moment in that waiting room, as if this was the test that has made me a real, tried and tested Mama.

can you believe it? from one side of his lip to the other...

So after that little hiccup, we headed home and I threw the pavlova in the oven just in time for our little Australia Day dinner.

Hope everyone had a lovely and restful day, and that you were able to take the time to be grateful for the little things that make this country great. We are certainly very lucky that when our little ones hurt themselves even to a minor degree like today, they have access to a clean, modern, and efficient health care system.



Jeana Marie said...

glad he's ok - it sounds like you had quite a fright!
Happy Australia Day to you too :)

faerwillow said...

~oh your little sweetpea...i tell ya coffee tables have a mind of their own and why when they are having a bad day they have to take it out on the little ones...they need to learn to pick on someone a bit bigger! glad to hear he mde it out ok...shea butter has great healing properties for helping with scars!?! your pavlova looks delicious...wishing you calmness throughout your home...brightest blessings~

dixiebelle said...

One reason we don't have a coffee table! Poor little cutie... and wow, your pavlova looks fantastic!

My Love is..... said...

ohhhh the horror... we were in a similar position on New Years day with my littlest love damn holidays:)
Vitamin A cream or oil (just break open or peirce a capsule) will help minimise scaring (I think lavender oil does too). Also a little extra vitamin C (in your diet is fine) helps with cell regeneration and growth.

Wendy said...

Glad your little one is ok...those sort of "hiccups" leave more of a mark on the Mommas than they do on our offspring, it seems. And your Pavlova, my friend, is a stunner! Well done!

One pair of Hands said...

I think the tooth-through-the-lip and bumps on foreheads are badges most of us wear in childhood. Ask your Mum, I'll bet they happened to you. Little ones heal so well that I doubt he'll have a scar or it will be so fine that it won't show. Its a scary time for a mother though. I remember my favourite aunt taping foam sponges on the sharp corners of her furniture until her little ones were more footsure and their heads past kitchen bench height.

Cass said...

My brother bashed his head on a coffee table when he was about 2. I remember it so well that as soon as Callum was born we got rid of our coffee table.
Hope L'il B recovers quickly.

Corrie said...

hugs! I still look at keira's little scar (from her 1 stitch) when she split open her eyebrow! I get all panicky when I think about it and relive it....a table! those tables! it's so scary and I'm glad he came out with a stitch!

yummo on the pav!


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