Wednesday, January 27, 2010

happy couple meditation

I haven't spoken in yoga for a while so I thought I'd teach you a little meditation technique to keep the peace, love and harmony flowing between you and your significant other. I first came across this meditation from Gurmukh's book 'Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful". You don't have to have prior meditation experience, just good intentions, belief in the practice and patience to follow through with it from start to finish. The meditation creates a sense of peace and understanding between the two of you, and if perfect after a long day's work when you each come home to each other having been out in the world on your own. Couples with young families often find it difficult to relate to each other at the end of the day- one often being the primary caregiver and the other going out into the workforce, it sometimes seems as if you live worlds apart. Taking the time to be with each other and making a concerted effort to tune into each other on a subtle and energetic level is a wonderful thing to do to reconnect.

Start sitting on the floor back to back in a cross-legged position. (If you or your partner is too stiff to sit comfortably with crossed legs, you can kneel or even sit in chairs back to back- although feeling your spines against each other is ideal).

Deeply inhale and exhale and then chant together "Sa-Ta-Na-Ma" for 11 minutes.

Begin by chanting outloud for several minutes, then decrease the volume of the chants to a whisper, and then chant silently to yourselves, and for the final minute or so return to a loud chant to finish.

photo from "Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful", Gurmukh

Sa-Ta-Na-Ma represents birth, life, death and rebirth, not just literally but metaphorically in your life in the present moment. Chanting about the cycle of life together reaffirms your commitment to live hand in hand through the miracles, the laughter, the sadness and changes in your lives together.


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