Thursday, February 18, 2010

be careful what you wish for

Well, no sooner did I banished one electric appliance then did all of them disappear! Last night at about 6pm we lost all electric power... for the next 25 hours! Thank goodness we're vegetarian and don't keep frozen meat and the like in the freezer. We have a gas stove, so this morning we boiled up lots of water, washed our faces, made some tea and pan fried some toast. This afternoon I learned a lesson in reheating via the the stovetop- I just added a little water to my curry stew and stirred it around in a small saucepan. I swear it was faster than a reheat in the forbidden microwave.

To top it all off my mobile battery was dead (turned off completely) and we don't have a house phone and my computer was zonked.

Just as I had finished lighting all the candles in preparation for another night of darkness and had tucked myself into bed with a book (because what in the world else are you to do without power?) I heard the zip zang zoom of the printer and the refrigerator and, I hate to admit it, made a bee line for the computer. That said, I secretly enjoyed the technological break today. It was a great reminder of how plentiful our lives are, and how so many things we take for granted are actually unnecessary, wasteful and extravagant.

So, I will keep my candles lit, and stay put here in bed... just as soon as I further peruse 'Hello Charlie', an ecofriendly baby/child online shop based in Melbourne. I came across an ad for it in Melbourne's Child and couldn't resist a little peek. I personally cannot indulge in what look to be some fabulous things, (see 365 days of Nothing New), but I thought anyone else expecting a little one in the Melbourne area might also like to have a look.



Kristi said...

The universe has a funny sense of humor doesn't she!

faerwillow said...

~nothing like the quietness of dark to remind us of things we ever so take for granted...glad your power is back and surging strong today...brightest blessings~

Cass said...

We had a blackout here last night too. It resulted in both the kids heading into our room asking for cuddles. :)

dixiebelle said...

I hate when our freezer is full, because I always think that is when we'll have a blackout!

Because of you, I am now thinking of ditching our microwave too! It needs replacing, really... but think of all the bench space I'd have for my preserving stuff if it were gone altogether!

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