Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a bitter sweet goodbye

Something came over me this weekend, a very funny thing, because it didn't really have to do with anything we were doing or talking about. I was thinking about when I finally made the decision to change over to natural homemade and chemical free cleaning products and how it was the best decision I ever made. I put it off for over a year because I thought it would be difficult, but it was painless and when L'il B eats off of the floor (because, of course, he does) or gets into the cupboard below the sink, I know the only thing he could possibly be ingesting isa bit of vinegar or bi-carb soda.

So here is my ecoMILF confession, we still have a microwave. I don't use it often, but often enough- to defrost frozen fruit for our porridge or to heat up left-overs on occasion. I shudder to think I defrosted poor L'il B's homemade baby food for those few pureed months (never with any kind of plastic- just glass, mind you). I have looked around on the internet for information on the negative effects of microwaving. From what I have read, the microwave changes the molecular structure of your food and causes it to be carcinogenic, does not kill bacteria properly and causes abnormal changes in human blood and immune systems. This site was helpful, but I am not sure how legitimate it is. It seems for every site telling you about the hidden evils of the microwave, there are three telling you that they are perfectly safe.

But there is still something terribly irksome about this troublesome machine. I hate it. Every time I use it it creeps me out. I avoid it like the plague if it is on. Which makes me wonder, how I can be scared enough to devil dodge the thing and then eat the food it has heated?

So, I made the announcement:
"B?", I said in a sweet little voice.
"Yes?...", suspicions rising.
"I've decided we need to get rid of the microwave. I can't take it anymore. It's driving me insane."
"Why don't you just unplug it for a little while?"
"Because I want it out of the house, I don't want to see it, I don't want it near us, I don't want the temptation of using it ever again. I want to break the bad habit and get back to a more natural way of heating things"

Well, the last "dot, dot, dot" was a little unfair. He's really being very supportive about the loss. Poor guy, he gets home late every night to a cold dinner, so I will have to come up with a reheating solution for all of his meals or cook his half separately closer to when he arrives home.

But I have made the decision: so long and farewell to a machine that has been a part of my household and daily life since I was born. I am forever banishing you from this household! Be gone!

Now to figure out what it do with the thing. I want to donate it to the local Op shop but am I just passing the sickness on to someone else? Thoughts? And also, if anyone has some more convincing information about the effects of microwaves, please send it on, as I am sure I will have to give a better explanation than "motherly instinct" to the non-believers who ask.



Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Interesting post...I'm in two minds about it.
We lived in a small apartment for 6months, and just didn't have the bench space and coped fine without it, but then we moved, and now it sits on our bench and I use it for heating up our wheatpacks, and the occasional foodreheat.
I'm a bit the same, I don't really trust it.
Whenever we have it on, I always try to stay a distance from it, (incase of leakage - i know, i know sounds silly!) of course that is bonkers compared to what it may be doing to our food.
We are also trying to minimise the amount of lunches my husband buys at work, so often he will take leftovers and re-heat them there. It doesn't worry him like it does me though.
If the energy that your microwave emits (that is the negative energy from just having it in your kitchen!), then good for you in getting rid of it.
I am going to check out that post, thanks.

Kristi said...

My husband comes home to a cold meal too. He gets home late, well after the boys have eaten anyway. I try to leave it in the warm oven, on occasion I will put the oven on for a bit just to warm it up a little. Same goes for soups and things. We do have a microwave though and I have the same thoughts as you. But my husband would never let me get rid of it, such support you have.

faerwillow said...

~i will try t o find my papers my accupucturist gave us...nasa did a study with household plants...1 plant was given water from the tap...the other was given water that had been microwaved...long story short the plant that recieved the microwaved water died. she explained that we were not receiving the nutrients we needed as the microwave zaps any and all from the foods you put in. when i find it i will email you the of luck with your decision...its a wise choice...though ours is still around it is very rarely used...husband just does not want to part with it...yet is a firm believer that it does no good...go figure!?! brightest blessings~

jodi said...

we've never had a microwave and I have never missed it. Never ever. I reheat daniel's meals in the oven if need be. Organise a council pick-up (good opportunity to de-clutter) and put it out there or donate it to vinnies (it may really benefit a family regardless of what it does to their food). x

Julie said...

Mine blew up very recently and I was more than relieved to be honest, I'm glad to be rid of it! Like you, hubby comes home to a cold dinner though - I feel badly enough that he can't eat with us because he got rid of his car and rides a bike to work and gets home late - and now he can't heat his dinner up quickly! He hasn't complained too much yet though, bless his little cotton socks.

Catherine said...

I try not to use our microwave very often usually it's used for reheating food and making a hot chocolate or two but that's all. After reading your post though I'm going to try using the old fashioned way of heating up milk, and avoid using it all together it really does give me the creeps when I use it.we use it. Good on you for getting rid of yours!

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