Monday, February 8, 2010

summer snap mondays

How I cherish these moments. Especially because I know my milk supply is dwindling (common in your first trimester and throughout pregnancy) and I am not sure how long L'il B will put up with it. He seems to be happy enough most days, but occasionally gets a bit frustrated with the lack of flow- especially in the morning, which used to be his biggest and most satisfying feed. I am so grateful for this intimate and complex relationship. It truly feels like an act of love, devotion, trust and deep nurture. One day, when this stage in our lives is complete, I know I will look back with no regrets, and a sense of accomplishment and pride that I persevered through the good times and the bad.

For more summer snap shots head here for a list of sunny participants.



Tricia said...


Jeana Marie said...

My eldest lasted only the first trimester. I thought I'd be sad when we stopped, but it was actually quite a relief...but I'm glad for the time we had :)

Kristi said...

Just Beautiful! I love when they nurse and put there little arm up like that. When Quinn (who is four and not nursing) is very relaxed he will have his lips and tongue in nursing position and suck. He does it in his sleep to and sucks very loudly. He still has found a way to hold onto that comfort.

My Love is..... said...

beautiful! Thanx for sharing :)

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

brings back memories, what a gift.

Lola Nova said...

I love that photo and I love this post!

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