Sunday, March 28, 2010

report on '24 hours of no power'

Yesterday was a wonderful family day which included delicious vegan meals, beach walks, making easter eggs, moulding playdough, collecting rocks and above all else- very little electricity use. We kept the lights off the entire day in honour of Earth Hour, which was a bit of the challenge at 6:30am when L'il B decided to wake up. Throughout the day a few lights were flicked on momentarily out of habit followed by a bit of profanity and an immediate switch off, but other than that it was smooth sailing.

I served up some homemade salsa and guacamole with the scrambled tofu and homemade fattoush, and almost had the bamix going for the guac. when I realized it clearly counted as an electric appliance. I scratched my head for a moment and then decided hands were as great as any other avocado masher. I did use the oven twice, which I originally said I would do- once for making the fattoush and once for cooking our stuffed squash dinner. I also rode in the car briefly as B had to pick something up at a friend's house and L'il B had a visit with a friend as well. Other than those two slip ups it was a positively power-free day and easy as pie.

The best part about this resolution was the calm and quiet time B and I had when L'il B went down in the evening. We had all the candles lit in preparation for nightfall, and say having a candlelit dinner and chatting for hours. We had assumed that we would be in bed early because there wouldn't be much to do once it became dark, but we had such an amazing time talking and stayed up until close to midnight. We made a new resolution to turn all outlets (TV and lights in particular) off at least once a month to have more intimate evenings like last night's.

Of course turning your lights off once a year is much more of a symbolic act than anything else, but I think it is still really valuable to remind ourselves of our utter reliance on electricity and the fact that we don't 'need' to use it as much as we 'want' to use it.

I hope everyone else enjoyed the peace and quiet. Be sure to check out what the lovely family at Sweet Scented Path did to celebrate Earth Hour as well.



Little Ted Canvas said...

Good for you, sounds like you had a lovely day. While I didn't commit to anything more than an hour, I was very concious of the electricty use all day & actually we did really well. That dish looks delicious!

kettunainen said...

We did 24hrs with no power, too, and I wrote about it. It was definitely eye-opening. We discovered how out-of-sync we are with the natural flux of light. Definitely a worthwhile experiment and we want to do it more regularly, too. Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)

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