Saturday, April 17, 2010

digestive lassi for pregnancy

Ever since writing 'mindful eating for the mindful soul', I may have become a little obsessed with ayurvedic cooking. As a vegetarian family, we already eat predominantly Indian inspired foods (nothing like you'd get at an Indian restaurant, I assure you), but I wanted to get back to the basics- using less ingredients, making my own homemade masala with a mortar and pestle, and drinking homemade teas and lassis. Although we eat mindfully on a regular basis, I have been feeling a little drained and run down as of late- in part because of the seasonal changes in the air and also simply because I am pregnant with a young toddler on my hands (oh, how so many of you can sympathize!). When I get run down, I tend to get very hungry (I know many people are the opposite) and if I don't have a plan established to satisfy my hunger, all sorts of yucky decisions are be made (chocolate has been particularly poisoning afternoon pick-me-up- never a good food for pregnancy).

According to ayurvedic belief, roasting seeds and spices, grinding them by hand and cooking with them mindfully helps to curb unwanted and unhealthy food cravings. I am going to write a series of ayurvedic inspired posts, but in the meantime, I highly suggest this simple and soothing lassi.

Lassis have been used for centuries as a digestive aid. Although in ayurvedic tradition yoghurt eaten by itself is thought to be horrible for digestion, lassis- with added water, herbs and spices that are mixed together are thought to be a powerfully healing food. As my baby grows I am only able to eat smaller amounts more frequently, or the heartburn sets in. I have found this concoction especially soothing as of late. Don't add acidic fruit to your lassis if you're looking to relieve heartburn, and make sure to add some warm water- this changes the acidic properties of the dairy. Lassis should be consumed after meals and you should leave an hour before and after you drink one before consuming anything acidic (fruit, raw veggies, vinegars, pickled things etc).
lassi for heartburn in pregnancy
(or as a digestive tonic)

1/4 cup almond milk
1/4 cup organic whole yoghurt
1/2 cup warm water
dash each of- cinnamon, cardamom powder, ground cloves and ground nutmeg
1 tsp raw honey

Put all ingredients together into a small bowl and using a hand whisk, mix until smooth and bubbles begin to form. Try to avoid using an electric blender as it takes away from the whole sensory and organic experience, (and is also much more of a pain to clean up)!

If you're interested in finding out more about ayurveda I highly suggest all of Bri Maya Tiwari's books. Her story and literature is truly inspirational. Reading her books makes you feel more whole and connected to your true self.



Kristi said...

I find it so interesting what you wrote about roasting seeds and spices and adding them to your food to help curb unhealthy cravings. I would love to know what seeds and spices. I am guilty of the afternoon bits of chocolate too.

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing, will definitely give this a go soon.

Tricia said...

Delicious! I just made it as a after dinner treat. Thanks!

tea with lucy said...

Thank you thank you thank you!

If the old wives tale is true, we're about to be getting one hairy headed baby...

I really hate to resort to the drugs, but have been doing so lately out of desperation.

I'll be giving this recipe a go pronto. xo

faerwillow said...

~we l♥ve indian food...escpecially mango lassis...thank you for sharing this information and recipe...will have try! wishing you mindful eating and peaceful days...much strength and blessings to you~

mygirl said...

thank you I am really suffering in the digestive area at the moment think its all the chocolate from Easter, blahhh! not good, have to give it a go

jodi said...

oh m, all your posts lately have been so inspiring. i really feel like i've gravitated too far from my centre, from where i want to be and your posts have been a wonderful reminder of what is important. thanku!
ps. i so wish i had of had the lassi recipe when i was pregnant - my heartburn was atrocious.

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