Monday, April 26, 2010

our nature table- autumn

nature table is an important aspect in the Waldorf classroom. You (well the child(ren) really) can put whatever natural things you choose on the table, which is often seasonally or traditional themed (ie. 'autumn' or 'hanukah' or 'easter').

North and I have been busy collecting leaves, berries, flowers, rocks, gumnuts, pinecones, feathers and other exciting 'outdoor toys'. He places them in his treasure bag and we bring them home and lay them out on the table. Every few days I have to pick dried leaves off of the floor, and I find rocks in every corner of our home, but it's all worth it- he adores the table concept and spends a lot of time places things in and out of the box in a very intentional way (I have no idea what his intentions are, but he gets a very serious look on his face when rearranging things).

I also have a few autumn books on the table. North's absolute favourite is "The Bold Boy" by Malachy Doyle. Feel free to browse through my autumn children's reading list for some inspiration.

What do you and your families do to share the joys of autumn and to mark the change of season? I'd love to hear!


PS. Those adorable little gnomes are from a gorgeous Australian Etsy seller lillipilli if you're interested.


Cute as Buttons said...

What a great idea. My eldest has a shelf on his bookshelf for his treasures but I like the idea of putting it in a central place to promote conversation within the family. Lisa x

Little Ted Canvas said...

Such a lovely's funny how little ones have very particular ways of arranging things. Mine all spent ages strategically placing cars, rocks, twigs, shells - anything really! Most impotantly, we were NEVER to move them!!

Abigail Jasmine said...

Too cute :)

Happy Autumn to yoU n' all

Jesus loves you,

Steph said...

It's amazing how a small collection really focuses kids' attention on the tiny details of things. When I was teaching, the kiddies at school would spend ages examining all manner of natural artefacts. I think it is such a lovely idea to bring into the home. Enjoy the Autumn weather:)

Sonia said...

Great stuff Meagan. I admire the amazing effort you put in to make your child's life full of wonderful experiences.
I first heard of this nature table from SouleMama. I'm definitely going to start one of our own but I'm a bit concerned that it could possibly end up giving my 4YO son permission to bring in every single stick he can get his hands on...

Karen L R said...

Thanks so much for popping over to my place and leaving a sweet comment. Last night I enjoyed wandering around your place here. Lovely. And I LOVE North's little pouch. :-)

All of my children are grown. #4 is a first year student in college, but when they were young, we had bits and pieces of the natural world all over the house. And autumn is my favorite season.

I've bookmarked ecoMILF...see you again soon.

Bianca said...

That is such a beautiful idea, I can see it helping to create his own sense of ritual as well as teaching him the flow of the seasons. A great tradition!

We hit the bush trails in Autumn, it is such a lovely time of year to be out and about, the weather is great.

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