Sunday, June 13, 2010

glass half full

I was flattered and honored to be given a 'blogging award' from Tammy at Girls Wear Blue Too. I think the rules are to make a list of things that make you happy and then to pass the award on to five other bloggers. Of course it is ecoMILF style to improvise and adapt such rules and regulations, so I am going to list a few things that have ruffled my feathers the past few days and tell you why I am grateful for them.

1. A dirty, sandy, wet little boy terrorizing the garden.

: : I am grateful he enjoys nature in all her glory and he has not been influenced by what adults believe is 'dirty', 'uncomfortable' and 'ugly'.

2. A small amount of plastic.

: : Although I try to keep plastic to a minimum, a few Op Shop cars, motorcycles, animals and gumboots are pretty essential when you have as much wet weather as we've been getting.

3. The neverending pumpkin and broccoli.

: : Because we get our organic seasonal produce delivered every week, we have been ending up with a lot of pumpkin and broccoli in the fridge- not exacly my all time favourite vegetables. I am grateful that it has forced me to work beyond steamed broccoli and pumpkin soup and to experiment with new recipes like pumpkin cornbread and feta, pinenut and broccoli salad (yum!)

4. My nonexistent husband.

: : Brad's been working triple time for the past few weeks. Although we had Saturday at the farm last week, he worked Sunday and was at work all day yesterday, today and will be heading back tomorrow. I am feeling flat out entertaining, playing with and keeping North occupied every day by myself while trying to keep the house clean and preparing for the new arrival. That said, I am grateful he is working as hard as he is for our family, and our future and I was pleasantly surprised to receive this sweet message on my phone today: "Just so you know, when I arrived and saw you at the table today, you looked so beautiful when I saw you at the table".

5. My sleepless, restless nights.

: : Because I know that my rapidly growing belly is only a temporary discomfort and that very soon we will be blessed with a beautiful, precious miracle.

Now to pass the love on,

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Gina said...

What a refreshing post Meagan - I love your grateful perspective, that you choose to look at the difficulties from a fresh perspective. We've been experiencing a lot of the same over here - wetness, dirt, and solo-parenting (J is in the states for two weeks) - and it can be easy to let the whinge set in.
Remind me when you are due? I'm getting excited already.

LJ said...

It's as though you took some words right out of my mouth. What a great post!! My husbands work for the Emergency Services and isn't home a lot. I am pregnant with two little ones at home and it is HARD to do it all on your own. Kudos to you!!! We also have mud and sand constantly over the deck and tiles...but it is so worth it when you see the kids so happy!
Loving your blog!

Katie said...

Meagan, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your blog is and what an amazing job your doing for you, your family, and the future. I just came across your blog about a month ago and am absolutely hooked! I have a 10 month old son, Fin, and my husband and I are trying for a second. I also work for the University of Tasmania in Teacher Education, where my main role is to teach teachers how to teach children about sustainability, human rights, social justice and other world issues. I find myself sometimes struggling trying to practice what I preach but after reading your blog I know it's possible! You have given me and my family so many wonderful ideas and recipes! I guess the most recent action we've taken has been not buying any new toys or clothes for Fin. Fortunately we have some wonderful markets and decent Op shops down here in Tassie and we've found some amazing bargins! And we've found some great things for ourselves too. I look forward to your next post, and hope you and your family are well.

teddybearswednesday said...

What a gorgeous post this is Meagan.

Catherine said...

A beautiful way to look at what is positive in your life rather than seeing it in a negative way. Take care. xo

nocton4 said...

great post xx

frayedattheedge said...

I love how you have taken such a positive attitude to everything!!

Chloe said...

It's true that your blog and your whole outlook on life are an inspiration to me daily! Thanks for making the time to share with even when u must be very busy, tired and preggers!! Omg! Can't wait to hear what name you choose for the new arrival, you have such great taste! Lots of love xoxox chloe

ecoMILF said...

Wow! Thanks for such a positive response everyone. The support and encouragement means more than you could ever know. I also love hearing from "new" readers that I haven't read comments from before, if you have your own site Katie and Chloe please let me have "blogger access" so can come and say hi. Otherwise, please know that I truly appreciate your interest in our green family journey and hope to continue to inspire and be inspired. xo m.

Kate said...

What a fantastic interpretation of the happy award Meagan. Just this morning I was talking to a journalist who said to me 'you must be pinching yourself living the life you do.' All of a sudden I stopped feeling overwhlemed by the mountain of muddy washing, the wet everything from spending the day in the rain at the farmers' market yesterday, the fact that Bren has been working 7 days a week for god knows how long etc etc and I started to look at things from her perspective. How lucky am I/are we to be living this life, to be growing great nutritious food with love and integrity and to be working with mother nature, in the elements, with Bren working from home where we can go and visit him whenever we want. Its all about perspective, that's for sure.
Thanks so much for passing it on, I am honoured too.
And thanks too for the links, they are all but one new to me.

Kristi said...

i feel for you with your husband working like he does. michael worked like this for many years, it was heartbreaking for me. especially on the weekends, when i would see family's together. i know the feeling. xo.

Amy Paul said...

that comment from your husband must have made your heart bloom.
what a wonderful way to acknowledge his wife.
thanks for sharing!
have a happy day growin' that belly and savour a moment with your boy(s!)
xx Amy

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