Tuesday, June 29, 2010

homemade dishwashing detergent

Switching to homemade laundry detergent was so easy, this month I decided to try dishwashing detergent as well. So far it has worked fabulously. I have read that after a while the glasses may come out a bit dingy and dull, at which point you can add a few tablespoons of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to sparkle things up a bit, but we haven't had to worry about that yet.

Dazzling Dishwashing Detergent

1 cup bi-carb soda (baking soda)
1 cup borax
1/8 cup washing soda (lectric soda)

Mix ingredients together and add 2 tbs of the mixture to each load.

Don't you just love how being green and frugal go hand-in-hand?


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Mel said...

I have been keen to make up my own laundry detergent for some time but where the heck do I find borax? Once I find it I will definitely try this!

Michelle said...

I'm so loving your series on green cleaning - keep 'em coming!


LJ said...

I too have struggled to find borax...is there something I am missing. Thanks for another great green tip! You're an inspiration

Mrs B said...

You can find Borax at Bunnings.

Gina said...

Yes, I'm keen too - where do you source borax? and lectric soda (from the dishwasher detergent post)? I've been using locally-made products for the laundry but regular supermarket stuff for the dishwasher. Also, do you find it more economical to make your own? (Sorry for bombardment of questions!)

ecoMILF said...

I just bought the borax and the lectric soda from Safeway in the cleaning aisle. The borax was in between the laundry detergents and the shoe polish/metholated spirits and the lectric soda was at the very top and at the end above the laundry detergents (nearish to the lux flakes). Lectric Soda came in a plastic bag and looks like extra large kind of wet salt granules. Borax comes in a white tub with either a green or red lid from the two brands I've seen.

I've been told you should be able to get both products at your basic supermarket, you just have to look carefully.

Hope this helps!!

My biggest pet peeve is not being able to buy bi-carb soda in bulk. Does anyone know where to find boxes larger than the small ones your find in the baking section? xo m.

Steph said...

How uncanny! I just did a post on homemade dishwashing liquid and then saw yours!! May have to give yours a whirl though as liquid castille soap is a bit expensive. Hope all is well in your world :)

Catherine said...

Thank you for the recipe Meagan I was thinking about changing over to homemade dishwashing powder, the eco friendly is a bit expensive. I've been using the homemade washing powder recipe too and it works beautifully. xo

teddybearswednesday said...

Thank you this recipe Meagan. You're a star how did you know I was looking for this.
Baking soda is the best thing isn't it? xo

Erin said...

What a great & simple recipe! I just realized that I have all of these ingredients in my cabinet. Definitely gonna whip up a batch of this. Thanks for sharing :)

trixi said...

Thanks for all your recipes.I think I will try the laundry detergent recipe first. I've been using the eco friendly cleaners and detergents for a while but would love to change over and make my own so I'm glad to see you've posted lots of interesting recipes. I recently bought a 1 kilo box of Bi-carb soda at Coles in the cleaning products aisle.I was very excited as I have also been looking for bigger boxes.

Rebecca The Greeniac said...

I've been washing dishes in a borax solution for several years now, but recently I've heard all sorts of people talking about how toxic it is and that you shouldn't use it in the kitchen.

Does anybody know anything about that?

brentasarus said...

I use borax in my jewellery making, you can buy large powdered bags of it from a shop in Melbourne called Koodak it is in the century building, they also post if you cant be bothered going into town :D

ZippyZippy said...

Thanks Again for sharing, I will definately try this.
In Horsham only safeway stocks Borax now

sarah said...

I am in the states and just bought Borax and Washing Soda in the laundry aisle of my local Kroger. Both came in cardboard boxes for around $3.69 for 76 oz Borax & $2.69 for 55 oz Washing Soda. I buy Baking Soda in bulk from Costco. It comes in a plastic bag (ugh) that says 13.5 lbs but I don't remember how much it cost. Hope this helps!

Jakes Mama said...

Hey loving the blog :)

Another dishwasher powder I find works awesomely is

1 cup Baking Soda
1 cup Washing Soda (also called soda ash btw)
1/4 cup Salt
1/4 cup Citric Acid
Blend it up and store in an airtight container. This has the added bonus of being totally non-toxic which is great if you have nosy toddlers ;)
I'm in NZ and we have washing soda in our laundry aisles, or its available in bulk. Borax is usually sourced via Trademe (our national version of Ebay) or at the local pool shop.

@Rebecca The Greeniac - Borax can build up in your system and since your kidneys (or maybe its your liver one or the other) can't process it you can end up with toxic levels which is why I've steered clear of it in my cleaning products. There are enough options out there that have absolutely no side-effects that I prefer to stick with them :) If you are handling borax at all you should make sure you wear gloves.


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