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[baby gifts]:: 10 reasons to shop at the local farmer's market

I am try
ing to take a few days off a week to spend purely with family while we get acquainted to our newest addition to the family, Indigo. I have been showered with guest posts from lovely and inspiring bloggers in order to keep this space fresh, creative and insightful. A feel truly blessed to be given such a special present from these talented writers. If you have time, please take a moment to wander through their spaces and say hello.

10 reasons to shop at the local farmer's market
with love from Emma at Violets in May

1. The food bought at the Farmer's Market is nourishing for our bodies, it provides essential
nutrients and protects us from illness. There is no mass produced junk food to be seen here.
2. Because the food is grown and produced locally, it's fresher since it has not had to sit in a
truck for hours to be transported to a Supermarket. This means that the nutrient content will be
higher and less fuel is needed to transport the food, making it better for the environment.
3. Most Farmer's markets sell affordable produce because there is no middle man
(supermarket) taking a cut of the profit. This means you can often buy organic produce for the
same price, if not cheaper than the non-organic produce available in the shops.
4. Because Farmer's Market produce is both locally grown and seasonal, it teaches me to
eat in tune with nature. What the earth has produced during the current season is the best
nourishment for my body.
5. The Stallholders give the best gardening tips out there!
6. The Stallholders and generally vibrant happy people because they have a satisfying job that
contributes to society and brings them joy. They are a pleasure to deal with and it feels good to
be supporting their business.
7. It's a nice atmosphere to shop in, generally nobody is rushing and at some markets there will
be buskers and a few tables to sit down and have a coffee or something to eat from one of the
8. There is less plastic. There is just something about using brown paper bags, or a shopping
basket that is much more satisfying.
9. It's not just produce on offer. I have also bought locally made honey, soap and shampoo,
peanut butter, jam, bread, cheese, eggs, flowers, olive oil, vegetable seedlings, coffee and dried

10. Shopping at the Farmer's Market is a simple pleasure that I look forward to each week.

Thanks so much Emma for this inspiring and informative list of reasons to get out there and make our food experiences more ethical, personal green. To find a farmer's market near you search the list here (Australia).



cityhippyfarmgirl said...

I adore farmers markets. Nothing better than spending a morning at the markets, getting everything I need and having a chat with the stall holders. Some fairtrade coffee, locally grown walnuts, and locally grown veges later and I was a happy woman

angelina said...

mmm go locals !x

dixiebelle said...

Oh, I didn't get to say Congratulations yet, and love that name!

Great list Emma, I love local Farmers Markets...

manda said...

thank goodness for farmers markets and more importantly, farmers..especially organic ones xo

Little Ted Canvas said...

Love a farmers market!

Sarah Stewart said...

Congratulations - enjoy the babymoon. x

Nadiah said...

Thank you for that list, that's really useful.

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