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[baby gifts]:: babymoon gift ideas

I am trying to take a few days off a week to spend purely with family while we get acquainted to our newest addition to the family. I have been showered with guest posts from lovely and inspiring bloggers in order to keep this space fresh, creative and insightful. I feel truly blessed to be given such a special present from these talented writers. If you have time, please take a moment to wander through their spaces and say hello.

Babymoon Gift ideas
with love from Brydie at City Hippy Farm Girl

Babymoon period for me, is a sweet precious time that new parents get to bond with their new baby. A time when couples turn into families and families get bigger with their new additions. That time spent together after the birth is so special and anything that helps in facilitate that process, for me is greatly excepted and appreciated. Generally people love giving gifts and especially so when a new life has been brought in to the world. An innocent little munchkin is now about to set forth in the world. Bringing all its sweet smelling innocence with it. So what does a new baby need? What to give the new parents as a lovely present? If it's a first baby it's a little easier, as generally the parents are starting off without anything. However the second time round and subsequent siblings, newborn clothing has been bought/made/handed down. Baby toys are already in a box and ready to go and really all that little one needs is what the parents can provide. Love, milk, and sleep. So what to give?
To some people its going to sound very uninspiring but to a new mother that container of pumpkin soup may be the difference between sanity and chaos. Those toddler friendly banana muffins, a life saver when hunger sets in and all they need is a muffin to calm them down for half an hour before Dad gets home and can help out with dinner. A block of Fairtrade chocolate is the crucial night time get through, when your newborn is going through a growth spurt on Day 7, all the little one wants is for you to pace the hallway patting its bottom at 2am and everyone else is asleep and those stitches are feeling mighty uncomfortable.
Some ideas for a Babymoon Package.
Easily put in a cut down vegetable box, lined with a teatowel or a second hand basket, not a lot of money needs to be spent, but what you are giving is time. Time for the family to spend with its brand new addition and time to give that baby all the love and attention that they can in those first few weeks. (So much more thoughtful than another plastic toy requiring batteries.)
Fill it with:
* Freshly made bread (Family friendly)
* Pumpkin Soup -packed up in something easy to freeze in and used when needed. (Family friendly)
* Pasta Sauce and fancy Pasta- handmade looks and tastes wonderful, sauce easy to freeze and use when needed. (Family friendly)
* Mini Banana Muffins- easy snack. (Toddler friendly)
* Honey Biscuits- easy access snack for mama or toddler (Family friendly)
* Block of Fair Trade Chocolate (Mama friendly, eyes off Dad.)
* Punnet of Strawberries or other fruit- again easy snack. Breastfeeding mamas get hungry! As do toddlers. (Toddler, Mama friendly)
* Bottle of local Beer (Dad friendly)
* Pencil case full of cut out pictures from magazines, a glue stick, and a writing book (Toddler friendly)
Putting something similar like this together doesn't take a lot of time, and it really does help out new parents, while they are getting to spend precious first moments together with their newborn. To me this present is love in a box.
Thanks so much to Brydie. She is a city dwelling mama with two young boys (The Monkeys) and a husband (Mr Chocolate), trying to experience and explore the greener lifestyle options that are available to her in the here and now, while living in the big city. Her blog explores the possibility of living as sustainably, organically, locally and ethically as possible. You can currently find her baking sourdoughs, drinking fairtrade coffee, making jams, pasta, desserts, building worm farms, riding public transport, walking, and writing about her interest in all things birth and baby related. Check out her blog City Hippy Farm Girl for more!


Kara said...

What a great list! You've got many things on there I wouldn't have thought of (including the dad-friendly local beer) - good ideas!

This is good timing for me, too as this seems to be a new baby season for friends and family :-)


Sandrine said...

What a beautifully packed new baby present.
Thinking of you Meagan, hope everything is going well.

Catherine said...

These are wonderful ideas to give to families with a new bub, thank you. I'll be keeping them in mind when my in laws welcome a new one later in the year. Hoping everyone is well. xo

Anna Johnston said...

That's a great list you've put together. One of my girlfriends is about to have her 2nd baby & I've been wondering what to get her, I'm going to have a bit of a coook-a-thon & store up her freezer.

Mousy Brown said...

What a thoughtful package! Hope you are all enjoing your special time together, congratulations xx

Nadiah said...

Oh, I didn't know Whittaker were doing fair trade as well. It's so great to see fair trade going mainstream.

Rainbow Child said...

i love putting together goodie baskets for friends after new births, th best present ever!

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