Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the greenest food there is-


No traveling or use of fossil fuels, no refrigeration, no manufacturing, no plastics involved, no animals used, no waste- NO CARBON FOOTPRINT.

True love and utter enjoyment. Sacred precious moments that allow you to slow down, take a breath and appreciate life in it's purest form.

For a reminder about the infinite benefits of breastfeeding click here.



Leanne daharja said...

As much as I'm a breastfeeding advocate, several of those claims are not true (fossil fuels and carbon footprint and, technically, no animals).

I've read some interesting studies about body fat and breast milk composition.

Fascinating stuff. You can literally take a sample of someone's abdominal fat or breast milk, and see what they've been eating and drinking.

If they're a healthy person on a balanced diet, they'll have a healthy fat profile, with good omega 3/6 ratios, low saturated etc. lower rates of pesticide contamination from eating lower on the food chain or more organically, for example.

But if they're a junkavore, their fat (or milk) is literally just processed burgers, fries and other trash. We are, literally, what we eat and drink.

Breast milk is only as "green" as the diet of the mother.

Of course, it is totally arguably that breastmilk is likely to be *more* environmentally-friendly than most formulas, and AFAIK there is no formula that even comes close to getting the complete nutrient profile of breast milk.

But what I am saying is that breast milks vary in "greenness", healthiness and safety, based simply on the diet of the mother.

Likewise, breast milk contamination by such nasties as heavy metals and dioxin varies significantly.

Breast milk contamination by maternal drug intake is also another issue that varies both the "greenness" and the safety of the food, if you want to be absolutely correct.

Not all breast milk is the same. It might be better than the formula alternative, but to suggest that it is perfectly "green" is misleading.

Sorry, but I'm a stickler for fact over nice ideas. It's a nice idea to think of breast milk as having no carbon footprint and using no fossil fuels in its production.

But the truth is that breast milk, like all foods, and particularly all animal products, has a rather large one.

Leanne (who breastfed both her kids for a LONG time!)

dixiebelle said...

Gorgeous photo, M! You look like you have that breastfeeding 'high' going on!!

Leslie said...

i am looking forward to it!!

ecoMILF said...

I appreciate your comment- I was simply stating it was the greenest FOOD there is for humans to eat. I also agree that a mother produces the milk based on the energy she is consuming and some people are greener than others. I am vegetarian, almost vegan so I imagine my carbon footprint is less than a meat-eating breastfeeding mother. But, what I was implying that it is much greener than formula, and it is also greener than other foods because it doesn't take as many resources to produce and transport, nor is there any waste involved.

angelina said...

love it. i breastfed my two babies at least two years each and savored each moment. a great natural start to a healthy life for them, and benefits for rYOU too mama. xo

Not Blessed Mama said...

I think its completely obvious (and true) what you were writing about, and i enjoyed it.

Kristi said...

you girls look so sweet together.

Andréann said...

funny I was breastfeeding while reading your post! I was going to say that milk is just as green as the mommy is, but someone already said it more thoughtfully

Jenny said...

I love this post and all of your Breastfeeding posts! It is so nice to some get some support!

Steph said...

Yay for you! It can be hard at times but it is simply the most amazing experience. I treasured it all and think you're an absolute champion for putting it our there and shouting out how great it is. Enjoy those snuggles :)

Mama Gone Green said...

you can't really get any more local!

kathryn said...

Well done to you. Breast feeding is such a wonderful experience and gives so much to your child. I'm still feeding my little girl age 3, and plan to keep going for as long as she wants.
Just a note in relation to Leanne's comment. Of course what the mother eats can impact the baby, but it's important to remember that breastfeeding is the best food for baby, regardless of the mothers diet. Breastmilk will always provide the best of what she has to offer. It's the mother who will suffer most if she is eating poorly.
The possible nasties in breastmilk are still infinitely better than those found in formula. And formula doesn't contain any of those wonderful antibodies, antibacterial, ever adapting and changing properties. And that's not to mention the protection it provides against many nasty diseases.
Sorry - it's a touchy subject and I just thought while some of the previous comments definitely have merit, it was worth pointing out some of the positives.

Leanne daharja said...

Hi - (especially eoMILF, Andreann and Kathryn) - It shoudn't *be* a touchy subject, should it!

I'm just a stickler for fact. I saw the statements which were not correct, and can't help but correct them. Its my science background coming out!

I don't think anyone doubts breastmilk's superiority to formula. My statement was simply that, no matter how good it is (which can vary) it ain't carbon neutral (whatever the hell THAT'S supposed to mean, anyway), and it IS - and always will be - an animal product!


cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Sit down, latch on, let down, big sigh, big gulps, utterly relaxed....can't beat that.

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