Saturday, September 18, 2010

just so you know...

I have been reading and catching up with all of you.

I decided to allow myself the indulgence of reading without commenting, for a while until the dust settles. But I have been to your place, I promise I have. Every person who leaves a comment here is someone I visit quite often. And so, let me show you just some of the fabulous wonders I've been exploring:

I've been eyeing up cute handbags and hats and fringes*** and floral dresses.
I've been giggling at funny qualms with the Batman logo.
I fell in love with a muff and a nana rug and the name Silas.
I've discovered reversible sunhats and how to make calendula cream and mayonnaise and how to control aphids in the garden naturally.
I am constantly struck by the beauty of these sunshine boys captured by their talented mama.
I have found a new place to shop.
I was reminded of why I only eat organic.
I've cheered for a chicken and been envious of dirt patches.
I am waiting to see photos of this woman's new babe and sending congratulations to this pregnant lass.
I've escaped to calm and peaceful moments that capture Spring in all her glory.

And even if I haven't mentioned you here, I promise I have been for a visit. Thank you all for the momentary escapes and bits of inspiration and most of all thank you for your patience with me, and for leaving words of love on this page... even if you haven't heard from me in a while.

***yes, I actually got that fringe!! Thanks for the inspiration Jodi.



Tammy James said...

beautiful Self portrait Meagan. I'm mostly reading and rarely commenting these days too. Hope you guys are all well and happy.
T. x

Prairie Mother said...

you are a beautiful mama! I've always wondered what you looked like! Maybe I need to be brave and try a shot of myself too :S

HiHoRosie said...

You look beautiful! And hey, sometimes I only lurk too. :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

you look absolutely wonderful!
enjoy your time & be happy

Tania said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS? You get complete lurking priviledges for the first year. Now go get some sleep. Have a nice cuppa. (I can be so bossy when I want to).

One pair of Hands said...

All of those comments are lovely, but Tania's made me laugh and I couldn't agree more. I can't imagine how you find the time to even get to the computer. It's good to hear, every now and again, how you're getting on and I loved the story of little Indigo's birth - so encouraging for any new expectant Mum looking in.

Amanda said...

Oh I love the hair and you are looking good!!!! I hear ya on letting everyone know that you read even if you can't find a second to comment. I wish we could jedi mind trick it sometimes.

Ooty said...

you are the sweetest! And, absolutely wonderful looking - what a great photo!!!!
Take your time, enjoy your little ones =)

Michelle said...

Aww, you look gorgeous Miss!

Ola said...

Are you sure you just had a baby? You look gorgeous! It must be all the breastfeeding and vegetarian cuisine :). All the best.

Linda said...

It is great to hear that all is going well:) This is a wonderful space to visit.
Take care

Kristi said...

your such a sweet girly. you look that cut.

Maxabella said...

The fringe is FABULOUS. You look so good!!! x

Catherine said...

Your new hair do is beautiful, the fringe looks good on you. I'm glad to hear you are all going well. Enjoy this special time with your little ones. xo

Sonia said...

You look terrific! Hope you and the family are well:)

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