Saturday, October 16, 2010

idle parenting

I fell in love with the idle parenting manifesto months ago and wanted to have it up as a daily reminder of the manner in which we'd like to raise our children.

You can read it here.

Words to live by.



nocton4 said...

love it here too x

Wendy said...

I read this book over the summer and absolutely loved it; thanks for bringing it to mind again.

dixiebelle said...

Hmmm, I am sure there has been controversy over this concept. I like alot of it, but there is something that irks me, though perhaps it's just my 'conditioning'? Or the amount of times I have encountered situations where the fine line between carefree and careless has been crossed. Maybe I feel like it will be a 'good excuse' for alot of parents, who seem to have little regard for the safety or respect of others. Or perhaps it is just my idea of 'keeping them safe' and what is required to do that, which is different to true 'idle parents'?

I definitely believe in allowing children to be themselves and discover independence and learn how to handle situations. I want them to see me happy, and not take on my faults or preconceived ideas. I don't believe in overstimulating or overconsumering them. I believe it is my responsibility to guide and nurture my kids. I guess I am sort of stuck in the middle, as always. Though I am on the laptop at the moment while they watch TV and eat a packaged snack, so maybe I am an 'idle parent' just waiting to break out!! When we are out gardening today, I will try not to tell them to 'be careful' or care if they dig up the bark and roll in it!

Thanks, m, food for thought!

Catherine Lowe said...

love it :)

Umatji said...

Ah, yes a great article and I love it as you know - been posting and reading about it all...
Need to get hold of the book.

Ellie Tat said...

I hadn't heard of idle parenting before I read your post, but it certainly makes me feel much better about my own relaxed parenting style.

Bianca said...

Fantastic article.
Have you read 'Last child in the woods' by Richard Louv? Definately worth a read,-along similar lines.


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