Thursday, October 7, 2010

removing water stains from wood furniture... naturally

There are a number of home remedies out there claiming to remove water stains from wood. Although the ones I tried didn't work miracles, I was quite surprised at how effective they were.

1. rub non-gel (just plain white variety) toothpaste over the affected area, then gently wash it off

2. rub mayonnaise over the affected area and let it sit overnight, he next day wipe it off with a clean cloth

You can also try pastes made of bi-carb and water, or of salt and vegetable oil. I didn't give these a shot, but anything's worth a try if you can just whip the ingredients out of your pantry.
The mayonnaise was the most effective in this house.

Good luck!



Umatji said...

I KNEW mayo was great!

LJ said...

You don't have any ideas on removing pen from wood tables do you??

Wendy said...

Good to know, Meagan. Thanks for posting this!

the textured leaf said...

I need to fix a bedside table from all the night water drink spills. This is wonderful and im gonna try it. Thanks Meagan, x

ecoMILF said...

LOL. Not a clue. Anyone have ideas about crayon on a beige couch. I am scared to wipe it because then the couch will have a big water stain! xo m.

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