Saturday, October 30, 2010


"If you try to teach your children
all the fact and answers
you think they need to know,
they will end up knowing nothing.
If instead you help them look
deep within themselves,
you will have led them to the source,
from where all answers flow."
~William Martin, The Parent's Tao Te Ching


Kristi said...

i just posted this on my fridge. xo.

Ooty said...

Wow - good one! I wish sometimes takin' care of their sweet little souls would be easier.. =)

Wabi-Sabi Wanderings said...

Such a beautiful image. And words of wisdom.


Umatji said...

yep and yep. If we try to not teach them some things that sometimes seems much more worthwhile than trying to teach them others!

One pair of Hands said...

I couldn't agree more. I believe that observation, in all matters, is the best teacher of all.

heidib said...

sweet little babes! BTW, I painted some of that furniture you had left me a comment on my blog.....long ago.:-)

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