Wednesday, November 24, 2010

cloth nappies FAQ

Good Morning!

I have had the honour of being asked to write a fortnightly guest post for the Modern Little Munchkins blog and today it is everything you'd like to know about our experience with cloth nappies.

Please head over there and learn all about our passion for bubble bums wrapped in cloth.



Vic said...

Great post Meagan! As a cloth nappy devotee I love any chance I get to talk to people about them! Hope your post gets some more people thinking! xx

Amy said...

Very informative, thanks! I can't wait to cloth nappy my children, they are so darn cute!

Saminda said...

I much prefer cloth too!
Thanks for coming to visit my place. :D It was so nice to hear from you. I just love your blog too. xx

Laurie Anne said...

I am proud and happy {my friends called me crazy} to proclaim that I used cloth diapers made by my own two little hands, complete with covers for both my children. They are now 14 and 10 1/ was the right thing to do :)

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