Thursday, November 18, 2010

family values

a growing list of family values

to love one another through thick and thin
to be faithful, proud, honest and supportive of one another
to have respect, love, compassion and empathy towards all living beings- humans, animals and plants
to be passionate about learning, changing, expanding and growing
to have fun
to share
to plant, to grow, to get dirty, to harvest
to hug, to cuddle, to kiss, to touch

to forgive
to spend hours upon hours a day outside with nature
to eat wholesome vegetarian foods and nourish our bodies

to read, read and read some more
to enjoy being physically active each day
to have a quiet moment to oneself each day- whether practicing yoga, going for a jog, meditating, listening to music, having a siesta or reading a book
to reduce, reuse and recycle
to listen to music, to dance, to play instruments and to sing
to educate ourselves about different countries, languages, religions and cultures and to find the beauty in all of our differences
to be thankful for everything we have, especially each other

What would you add to your list?



Posie Patchwork said...

Great list!! Consideration of other's things & forgiving are extremely important. Of course they learn sharing & what is precious but as they move into teens, remembering what clothes & accessories belong to who & to get over things & forgive are vitally important. They might have a beautiful loving environment at home but need to be warned about the real world. We had this reality when we were burgled mid year, my 4 were questioning why someone would even do it (smash through a window & empty their money boxes??) Put a dent into our happy safe haven of a home for a while. So keep them well loved but resiliant to reality too. Love Posie

Steph said...

Gorgeous list! I would also laugh and always try and look on the bright side...every experience is a growing one. As inspiring as ever. Thanks, your posts always make me smile :)

Erin said...

I love this post. Not quite sure what else I would add for it seems you've already touched on all the important things :) Beautiful!

Catherine said...

You are such an inspiring and wise person Meagan. I'm not sure I could add anything to your list. A beautiful and thoughtful post. xo

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