Tuesday, November 30, 2010

just in the nick of time

Here is a little make-shift advent calendar I created in about 2 hours flat with thrifted fabric and yarn. That's all I could muster with a two-year-old and baby afoot. Inside each little pouch I will put either a chocolate, a thrifted matchbox car, a handmade christmas ornament or other little surprises of the like. They won't all be filled all at once as there is only so much self-control you can expect from a curious toddler. But every night I will fill one up and North will start each new day off with a little magic. I can remember always having one of the paper advent calendars with the chocolates inside and waiting for Christmas in anticipation. I think this is a lovely way to explain the time (a very elusive concept for a toddler) we have to wait until Christmas. It's a very meaningful countdown this year as my family is coming all the way from Canada for a holiday together in Byron Bay. I cannot wait. My brother, sister and Dad won't have seen North or I for an entire year and they haven't even met Indigo yet!

There have been some gorgeous advent calendars throughout the blogosphere this week. I am loving all the inspiration.



dixiebelle said...

Ooh, what an exciting time you will have, catching up with your family!

Andréann said...

I wish I took the time to make one!

How long's the flight from Canada? I hope you enjoy the time with your family

Jgee said...

Oh, what a sweet advent calendar. Your son will no doubt love waking up to such special treats. My little man is too little to understand Christmas this year but I can't wait to get right into it in 2012. Lucky you, all your family here to celebrate, how lovely.

Tracy said...

That's a lovely quick advent calender. I hope you have fun counting down the days until Christmas and until your family arrives.

Hi, welcome..... said...

This is such a cute little advent!! You did well. I just finished mine last night too...come past the check it out if you have time. I'm loving finding out what others having doing around blogland!!

Amy said...

Very clever, and super cute!
Have a fantastic time with your family!

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