Saturday, November 27, 2010

urban garden discovery

We have passionfruit! At least, we have passionfruit flowers until the fruit starts growing. As a Canadian, I can't say I have ever seen a flower so exotic looking, especially in my own backyard. Because we get passionfruit as a regular addition to our weekly seasonal organic produce box, I have started experimenting with passionfruit recipes. Some of my favourites so far include-

What seasonal delights have you been enjoying?



Emm said...

Aren't passionfruit flowers beautiful?! We have some growing on our vines (though not nearly as many as last year). We are enjoying broad beans at the moment. I'm hanging out for enough to cook with...the kids eat them raw sitting out in the garden :-)

Kristi said...

seriously...when do you sleep?

Linda said...

Such a beautiful flower! Thanks for the recipes:)

Saminda said...

We had several dozen passionfruit off our vines earlier this year. YUM! And I agree, the flowers are just amazing. :)

We are enjoying nectarines off our tree - but lots of other summer fruits coming into season from the market. Looking forward to harvesting our first lot of Youngberries soon, of our own vine! They're like a subtropical blackberry.

Barbara said...

I am also from Canada and love the difference of things here to there. Especially the fruits we can get here that are so fresh! I attempted to grow passionfruit they just didn't want to grow sadly but I will try again!

Amy said...

Oh, how exciting! I am always so proud when my plants flower, it means I'm doing something right! There's something even more special about flowers that turn into fruit you can eat! That flower is gorgeous, isn't it? As my climate is a bit colder and can't grow passionfruit, I have to admit I didn't know what there flowers look like, but now I do :)

Erin Lake said...

on that note.. passionfruit vines can escape into neighbouring bushland and are particularly nasty weeds in some areas. please be really ecologically thoughtful and keep them contained in your yard!

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