Wednesday, December 15, 2010

nature walking

Happiness, sunshine and adventure on a wild and tangly path. What more could a toddler want?

A treasure hunt of course.

We walked and discovered, listened and learned. I thought we might wander down to the beach, hence J for jellyfish. We didn't get that far, and let me tell you, North was not impressed. Seeing a jellyfish is definitely on the to do list now.

Do you ever adventure with your little ones instead of heading to the playground for the umpteenth time? What do you get up to?



Amber said...

Beautiful. Happy christmas days and

Ooty said...

LOVELY! (I owe you for the rice balls!! the girl loved it - thanks!!!)

Tricia said...

We love treasure hunts.

I can just imagine how unhappy North was at not finding a jellyfish :-)

I like your idea of focssing on letters of the alphabet. i'll try that next time thanks.

On our last camping trip we had each child draw a picture of a 'treasure' to find. An adult would then interpret and write down what the image was and hide the hint at the previous 'treasure'. So the kids created their own treasure hunt. They wanted to play all day. I was amazed at how good their drawing was and that most kids could easily pick what a picture was supposed to be - although the adults sometimes struggled ;-)

Flavia said...

Natural treasure hunts are great fun! Funny we actually walk that track very often and love it! :-) Did you see any rabbits? I think they come out in the late afternoon... Flavia

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