Saturday, January 22, 2011

a day in the blue mountains

We explored the Blue Mountains today. We took our time on one simple walking trail. We ate a packed lunch, we bird-watched, we splashed and some of us napped. It was a beautiful day. And one to remember.

xo m.


Saminda said...

We went to the Blue Mountains for our honeymoon. :) Such a special place.

Your little Indigo is growing up so much! She is beautiful!

Blessings. xx

Catherine said...

It looks like a beautiful day and lots of things to do and explore. Your pictures are beautiful. The photo of you and Indi is gorgeous. xo

Nicole said...

Hey M,
Gosh your little ones are gorgeous :)
I just awarded you the "Versatile Bloggers Award", it's supposed to be for new-ish bloggers but I wanted to link you and Julie from Towards Sustainability in for being the two blogs that inspired me to start this journey. So thanks for being an inspiration!
Nicole :)

Ooty said...

looks like a perfect day!

Anne said...

Hi I live in the Upper Blue Mountains.

Looked like you had a lovely day for a bush walk.

Gaby said...

I love the blue mountains! My husband and I try to go up there every week, and then we daydream about moving there. Can I ask, where is that swimming hole? Looks great. x

Redbeet Mama said...

What a lovely contrast to the weather we are having.

Blessed be, Nicole

erin said...

Those are the days you never want to end. Ones to treasure always. :-) We are having great weather here recently and I just love spending it outdoors with the littles.

Nicole said...

I'm so envious of that gorgeous nature walk. We live in a big hectic city and now that I have a little one, I wish we could get some fresh air. :(

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