Wednesday, January 26, 2011

happy australia day!

We tried to be as true blue as we could today, especially considering the only full Aussie in the family was at work all day long.

* I told North a very very simplified version of Australian history with an emphasis on Aboriginal culture and the Dreamtime- all in story form with coloured scarves, finger puppets and wooden props.

* We read a few very Australian books and talked about Australian wildlife.

* We made lamingtons which we first read about in Mem Fox's beautiful Possum Magic. I'd never had one until today, so I'll have to wait to hear from Brad whether they're on the mark.

Of course there was no staple BBQ for this veggie family, but I think next year we might have a little one old enough for a little bit of cricket.

Hope you all had a g'day full of joy and laughter with your friends and family.

xo m.


Jgee said...

Being a vegie doesn't stop me from having BBQs. We have a section of the BBQ dedicated just for me so there is no cross-contamination. BBQ-ed tofu or homemade vegie burgers are delicious. And corn. And capsicum, eggplant.... yum yum. Sounds like you had a lovely day.

Gaby said...

I had a great Australia day complete with two barbecues, three swims and a lamington, of course. Oh, and despite my super Aussie Australia day, I'm Canadian :)

Saminda said...

Those lamingtons look pretty wonderful to me! :)

Shannon said...

The lamingtons look perfect and full of sugar! it was bbq, swimming, lamingtons and pav over here...the boys watched the cricket, I just blocked my ears and smiled.

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