Thursday, January 13, 2011

in our thoughts

Sending love, support and sympathy to every Australian so drastically affected by the flash flooding. As an
entire state is quickly enveloped with water, we are once again in awe of Mother Nature and in total gratitude of the warmth of our humble home and for the safety of our loved ones.

See the Australian Red Cross to donate funds, time, a home or clothing to flood victims.

You are all in our thoughts and in our prayers.

xo meagan and family.


Vic said...

Thanks Meagan for raising more awareness. As someone living in a flood affected town (although not devestatingly affected like some places) it has definitely been an eye opening experience to see the best and worst in people. Thanks again, Vic xx

Andréann said...

I can't help much money wise but I'm sending good thoughts your way. We live by a river that had major tides that flooded many houses as well, here in Canada, but nothing compared to this...

Emm said...

I cried watching it on the news the other day. And not just Australia, but Sri Lanka too. It certinly makes you feel rather small. All my thoughts and love go out to the many many affected families. Xx

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