Thursday, January 27, 2011

labelling the pantry

I came across this idea here and sighed a breath of relief- finally a solution to labelling my pantry! The best part about these is that you can switch them from one jar to the next. I am constantly transferring items from one jar to the other depending on amounts.

just a tiny sample of the many, many jars we have in the pantry

modelling clay (air dries)
a cookie cutter of some sort (I used a lid)
a skewer to poke holes
string or yarn
a permanent marker

cut the pieces out, poke holes in for the string
let them dry
optional paint and dry
write on them with marker

I actually imprinted a doily type pattern on the other side of the labels, but it was too difficult to write on top of. I am considering painting them pale rainbow colours, but not sure if I just like them plain.

What do you think?

xo m.


Saminda said...

I like them plain and would love to give these a go!

Steph said...

Oh just what I've been looking for! We too have oodles of jars in our pantry. They look lovely!! Clever you :) x

Vic said...

Great idea! I've given up labelling and now just keep things in different shaped jars so I can remember what is what. Anyone else cooking in my kitchen would have no idea! Maybe I should give these a try. Vic xx

Bianca said...

What a great idea! perhaps a little circle of white contact or something similar on the back and you could put the used by date etc.

Thats the biggest problem I have with my bulk foods -remembering when I bought something and when its probably better that its not used. -esp with grains and legumes etc.


ashley said...

brilliant. sweet and simple, i am feeling more than a bit inspired! how is the 6 clothing items challenge going?

Leigh @ Toasted said...


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