Friday, January 7, 2011

shining your kitchen sink

One of my absolute favourite blogs is the
Parenting Passageway, and Carrie, the author, often mentions that if you'd like to get more into a housekeeping rhythm that you should try the Fly Lady system. I visited this site to have a look at what it was all about and became inspired to shine my kitchen sink. This month on Fly Lady, she challenges you to shine your kitchen sink every night before you go to bed. To the extent of scrubbing until you can see your own reflection. So, with some bi-carb and vinegar in hand I have been religiously scrubbing my sink for the past week after each and every meal, even going to the extent of drying it off with a dish towel for added shiny effect and finishing off by rubbing in some clove oil as a final disinfectant.

It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but this has become a welcomed and therapeutic ritual. It has reborn in me a sense of pride and care for my kitchen that I had lost somewhere in amongst dirty nappies and a sometimes trying toddler. Taking the extra minute or two to dry the dishes off (we wash by hand), put them back into the cupboard, clean off all the counters and clean the kitchen sink has made such a difference in my attitude towards making meals, baking and caring for the home. It's kind of like going to the effort of making your bed everyday even though you know you're going to mess it up every night. You just feel a little more in control of the environment you spend so much time in.

So, if you're looking for a little domestic pick-me up try shining your kitchen sink. It might be just the new year's resolution you're looking for!

xo m.


Michelle said...

Your sink looks gorgeous!

I read the Fly Lady book not long after Hugo was born, shining the sink every day really helped maintain my sanity during those first months of chaos with a newborn and a preschooler. Thanks for the reminder!

veggiegobbler said...

That is such a coincidence because a friend and I were talking just yesterday and discovered that we both used to visit the Fly Lady but for both of us it was over a year ago. We were reminded of scrubbing our sinks and making our beds and putting our shoes on every day! We had a good laugh, but some of her tips are still with me and do help me feel a bit more organised when things get crazy. My favourite tip of hers was to do things in little bits with an egg timer - 15 minutes I think. I do that now with my kids - 5 minute turbo tidies of the toys using the egg timer.

Nicole said...

That's funny- recently I've been so daunted by doing the dishes left in the sink before bed after a long day with a 15 month old. I do them, but so reluctantly. I think you're right, somehow shining the sink would be the final touch that maybe I could embrace the task instead of dreading it. Thanks!

Isil Simsek said...

This an interesting idea.I know what you mean you say you lost the care for your kitchen somewhere amongst dirty nappy and a trying toddler :)I had the same feeling for a while,too but then pulled myself together and it does make me feel better.A big step for me was buying a dishwasher.I used to feel like washing by hand drained my energy and it made such a difference.Thanks for the tip though,a shiny sink would be lovely :)

Angela said...

Oh my gosh I am in the middle of making some routines based on the FlyLady system! I love my shiny sink. I haven't gotten everything down to reliable routine, but getting started feels wonderful. I really appreciate her understanding and encouraging attitude. It's fun to see that you are into it too!
Your sink looks awesome!
xo Angela

Vic said...

Flylady is great! I've adapted her baby steps somewhat to fit out family, but I think that is what she's all about! Keep up the good work! xx

Stephanie G. said...

I just shined my sink. It's sparkly and smells like pickles. Thanks for the idea!

Stephanie :)

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