Tuesday, February 22, 2011

for the love of breastfeeding

The other day I had a little grumble about Indigo's nightly all-you-can-eat-buffet behaviour. And although sometimes I think I'd really like to have a night to myself without my nipple acting as a pacifier, I also know I would never trade this intimate relationship for the world.

So for the love of breastfeeding, here are some of the many reasons why I enjoy it so much and why I am so utterly grateful to have been given this gift of plenty:

:: I love the way she looks at me so adoringly all nuzzled up on my breast

:: I love the way I look at her, with faith in the world and humanity and with unconditional love

:: I love to stroke her fine hair and velvet cheeks, to kiss her forehead and to whisper sweetly into her ear

:: I love the way everything else in the entire world stops when I am breastfeeding (except for North {smile}) and it is only she and I together sharing a quiet moment

:: I love the way my breasts are like a magical bandaid that sooth every kind of bump and hurt- emotional and physical

:: I love the way I can simply roll over at night, pull her closer to me to attach and feed, and then go straight back to sleep

:: I love that my milk is designed specifically for her, filled with nutritional goodness and antibodies

:: I love that she is still a part of me and I am still a part of her- the natural continuation from womb to the world

:: I love the way I can let her have a little suckle and she is instantly revived, alert, happy and content

:: I love that I don't have to worry about carrying food or snacks with me because I am one

:: I love that Mother Nature has taught me about self-sacrifice- to share and give and to continue giving even when you're tired and worn right out

Thank you to our Source for giving me this honour and privilege. I know this time will pass all too quickly and in many years I will back and think of all those sleepless nights with a tender heart and I will miss this blessing oh so very much.

xo m.


emily said...

How nice! My son basically self-weaned in the fall at around 22 months. Once he hadn't nursed for a couple of weeks and then asked for "nursie-nursie" and I figured I wouldn't have milk, but I let him try, just so he could see for himself. Would you believe it? I was still producing. Pretty cool.

It's really one of the best feelings in the world to nourish your baby this way. Thanks for your picture and thoughts!


Prairie Mother said...

I miss breastfeeding! I was always sad when my kids stopped, what a wonderful time.

Great post, wonderful reflections. I love the photo you've inluded (drooling over your basket!). It looks like you are enjoying a great summer down under too.

dailydialect said...

I too have been an all you can eat buffet at night--what a perfect way of putting it! And I have the same thoughts, would like a night to myself (esp. after three years...) but still love all that you mentioned. The nursing is slowly tapering off and I am divided over its ending. It is truly a privilege to be a mama. Thanks for your perfect thoughts about it! K

Saminda said...

I hear you loud and clear on this one. :) After exclusively breastfeeding my first two children until 2 years, and my third child until 10 months, I had very similar feelings. I LOVED it - especially the whole world stopping feeling - but there were times I just wanted my body back! That time will come for you too. Enjoy your beautiful girl. :) xx

Melinda's Stories said...

What a beautiful post, I loved breastfeeding my two boys, as well. It is such a privledge and a sacred bond. I love your list. I have a necklace that I have worn since my first was born and then both would curl there little fingers around it when feeding.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! Thankyou...my boy self weaned at 11months. my eldest girl 22months, i encouraged her to wean when i was 5 months pregnant...just too much for my body (i don't have easy pregnancies). now, my littlest babe is four months and going strong. I love that i have been able to breastfeed them all. and through all the ups and downs...some physical and some emotional...i wouldn't trade breastfeeding for the world. there is a real sense of amazement isn't there? amazement that a tiny little soul can grow so beautifully on breastmilk alone!!

Alice Becomes said...

what a gorgeous post! it is sometimes easy to complain about the all night feeding but when you think of all the good points (like the list you have just given us) there is no question about it, is there?

Gill xo

Nadine said...

After a rough start, I've come to love it too! Beautiful post!

kellie said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful post! I am still demand feeding my 2 and a half year old boy. We feed many times a day and all through the night. After a twenty nine month breast feeding relationship with my little one I am completely in awe of the incredible benefits it still brings to us both. It is a wonderful parenting tool, it keeps him so happy and healthy and it continues to strengthen our already unbreakable bond. What a phenomenal gift it has been:)

Not Blessed Mama said...

i've been making milk for 10 years now and my littlest is almost 4, so that will be over soon. even though it's challenging sometimes, i am going to be so sad to be done!

melissa said...

That is so beautiful and so true! Cherish every minute!

Jojo said...

What a lovely reflection of a truly amazing gift. I also feel so fortunate to be breast feeding my 3 month old treasure (little one number 3). I can definitely relate to the way everything else stops when I'm feeding - I experience no sense of 'missing out' regardless of what fun is being had by others. When I'm feeding I'm always in the moment (unless I fall asleep!) and grateful for it. My baby lurves his bassinet and wakes once for his tucker - I keep the monitor right near me so I can usually get to him before he cries. I love that you can appreciate the closeness co-sleeping and buffet-feeding affords you because although it can make you a tad weary from interrupted sleep like all of the harder parts of parenting it too shall pass and it's wonderful that you will remember it with such fondness. Enjoy!

jodi said...

I've got all that to look forward to. Can't wait to experience the unique connection when nursing. It's oh so special x

Tat said...

Beautiful post. Breastfeeding is a special relationship and it also makes a mum's job a whole lot easier. I breastfed my son util he weaned himself at 22 months and I am still breastfeeding my daughter now at 21 months

HiHoRosie said...

so sweet and beautiful - love breastfeeding too. such a precious time.

Shannon said...

I love that you have written this post...and reminded me of all the reasons I love it too.

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