Monday, February 28, 2011

from house to home

We've spent the entire weekend packing and unpacking and slowly finding places for each and every little thing. There is still much to be done and I am sure the rearranging will be going on for weeks. There is not one ounce of storage space in the place so we bought a few pieces from the local thrifty furniture store (junktique- highly recommended for good value pieces if you're willing to put some elbow grease into them). The kitchen is by far the most dated in the home. No dishwasher. Separate hot and cold water taps. Little cupboards that don't shut properly. I am still not sure what to do with the cutlery because the kitchen drawers are too small for dividers.
But for having moved in on Saturday, it really is already starting to feel more like a home than our previous rental. I even baked some muffins today- a sure sign that our rhythm is slowly creeping back.

Hope you all had a beautiful start to the week.

xo m.


Kristi said...

geez...north looks so big standing by that door. so many changes for your sweet family in such a short time. your a beautiful mama, just look at what you have already accomplished in this new home of yours. xo.

Maxabella said...

You did all that in a weekend? I am absolutely amazed. Especially by the fact that you still managed to fit in a cuppa and a muffin.

Gee, your new place has SUCH good bones! x

Ola said...

Thank you for sharing these photos. It looks beautiful. I think that wherever you live, you are able to make it into a beautiful home!! Well done. xxx.

Andréann said...

We have the same drawer problem here... and I've just put them all in, and separated the "steak" knifes in a basket- it sits with the cups in an upper shelf.

beautiful picture. Looks like you created a beautiful home already!

Sunshine Mama said...

I can't believe you just moved in and it looks so done already! I especially love the basket in the fire place :)

kitty said...

It's looking beautiful already. It's so important to make a new place homely quickly, to feel that sense of belonging.
I love the warmth & simplicity in your pictures.
Thank you for sharing & inspiring.
kitty x

jodi said...

oh wow, you've done an amazing job already. It's gorgeous! No doubt the no storage issue will spark creative solutions from you and the Mr.

messyfish said...

Ive had that draw problem before...being a renter in Sydney for years. I line it with a nice tea towel, and then in they all go with 3 vague spots for knives, forks, spoons. The bonus is that I can throw them in a little wet still, and the tea towel will catch the droplets!
Your home is looking like home already! Amazing feat with a little one. well done. I was once told "give it 6 weeks" till its comfortable again. It does seem to be the magic number. good look. happy house warming!

Kylie said...

I hear you on the no storage. We had that here when we moved in. Looks like you are settling in and love how you have put your personal little touch around already.

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