Saturday, February 5, 2011

musical beds continued

Just a very quick update on our game of musical beds (history of which can be found here, here and here). Indi has started to roll (and tummy crawl) like it's nobody's business, so leaving her on our bed for naptimes and the beginning of her night sleep is just not an option anymore. I tried to settle her in the same room with North for a while but the cheeky little soul just kept waking her up. He takes a good 30-40 minutes to fall asleep after I shut the door and tuck him in. Sometimes he just hums in his bed and other times he rearrange every piece of furniture and make believes that cloth nappies are blankets and books are boats and his clothes are wings... There isn't one toy in that room and he still manages to play! Anyway she always ends up in our bed at some point through the night so the closer to me the better.

And so here is the so simple, 'why didn't I think of this earlier' solution:

No crevices or cracks to fall into. No edges to fall off of. No pesky brothers to stir her. And within arms reach of Mama and Dada all night long.


(She is cuddling with her purple comforter if you were wondering what that was, and yes, there are safety plugs in the outlets on the wall)

xo m.


LJ said...

that is very cute. They just grow so quick don't they. xx

Shannon said...

Perfect indeed.

Daan said...

so sweet.
We also put the babybed against ours, or to be more precisely most off the time we have one or two in our bed ... when dad plays in the theatres and will be late he always finds a bed full of children ;-)

Happy weekend!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

very cosy and so tranquil:

we have been doing the same for a few months and have been able to gradually transition our little man into his own room. Yes there is still a lot of bed sharing, especially for that early morning cuddle and breastfeed. Have a lovely weekend.

dailydialect said...

Love sleeping on the floor! Just rotate or check the bottom of the mattress once in a while because you can get mold under there!

Kylie said...

Cute. Glad you have found a solution that you are all happy with Yay. And brothers, all you can do is love them even when mine ate now 30 and 28

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