Thursday, February 24, 2011

oral story-telling- goldilocks and the three bears

Last week I wrote a post about the benefits of oral story telling if you'e interested.

You can also find the following stories for your own personal use in the archives:

And without further ado, I give you:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once upon a time there were three bears. Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear. They all lived together in a big wooden cabin in the woods. One morning, Mama bear cooked up some porridge for breakfast, but because it was too hot they decided to go for a walk in the woods until their porridge cooled down. While they were gone, a little girl named Goldilocks, who had lost her way, came to the cabin and knocked on the door.

"Hello?!", she called. But there was no answer. She slowly opened the door and called out again, "Hello? Is anybody home?". But there was still no answer. So, she wandered into the house and discovered the kitchen with three bowls on the table. She was feeling a little bit hungry so she decided to have just a little bite. First she tried the great big bowl but it was too hot. Then she tried a mouthful from the medium bowl but it was too cold. Finally, she tried a bite from the smallest bowl... and it was just right. So, she ate it all up (ahyumyumuumyumyum sound).

She decided to explore the house further, so she walked into the living room and saw three chairs that all looked very inviting. She sat down in the big chair, but it was too soft, she sat down in the medium chair, but it was too hard, finally, she sat down in the littlest chair and it was just right. All of a sudden- CRASH BANG BOOM THUMP! The chair broke to pieces and Goldilocks fell to the floor. She she stood up, brushed herself off and decided to go upstairs for a proper rest in a bed.

When she got upstairs she lay down in the biggest bed, but it was too soft. So she lay down in the medium bed, but it was too hard. Finally she lay down in the littlest bed and it was just right. She was so comfortable that she feel asleep and had a nap.

Well, the three bears were quite hungry by now, so they went home to eat their porridge. But when they arrived Papa bear looked at his bowl and exclaimed, "Someone's been eating my porridge!". Then the mama bear exclaimed, "Someone's been eating my porridge!" and then the baby bear squeaked, "Someone's been eating my porridge and it's all gone!".

So, they walked into the living room to see what else had gone amiss. Papa bear took one look at his chair and said, "Someone's been sitting in my chair!", and Mama bear said, "Yes, someone's been sitting in my chair!" and the baby bear squealed, "Someone's been sitting in my chair, and they broke it!! Oh No!".

So they marched on right up the stairs to solve the mystery. And very quickly Papa bear discovered, "Someone's been sleeping in my bed!" and Mama bear said, "Yes, someone's been sleeping in my bed!" and then baby bear whispered, "Mama, Papa! Come look! Someone's been sleeping in my bed and she's still here!". Well, Goldilocks had heard the voices in the bedroom and she woke up, looked about her, saw the three bears, screamed and jumped out of bed, ran down the stairs and out of the cabin into the forest, never to be seen again!

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Christie - Childhood 101 said...

This is Immy's favourite story, I know she would just fall in love with your little characters and wooden beds, so precious.

Isil Simsek said...

I love your set up,very pretty.

Tracy said...

Your story telling pieces are lovely.
In our home, the favourite bedtime stories were told when the lights were out and without a book. My son who is now 17, labelled them "mouth stories" and he loved them when he was small as did his two sisters. They were a bit different with each telling and without the lights and without pictures, the only images available were in the imagination.

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