Saturday, February 19, 2011

seven real things about me

I was recently given a blogging award by the lovely Catherine, from A Time to Create. She has a gorgeous blog, a crafty hand, a beautiful family and the biggest heart in the world so please do go and see her if you haven't already. To accept the award you must list 7 things about yourself and then nominate a few of your favourite blogs to pass the love on.

I thought I'd give this a bit of a twist. How about seven real things about me? I often hear readers of this blog and others say that sometimes the blogging world can feel disheartening because they can be made to feel like inadequate mothers, homemakers or crafters when comparing themselves and their lives to one of their favourite bloggers. I think this is so unfortunate, because for me, this blog is about showing the highlights of my day, showing the calm before a potential storm and showing brief moments of grace and beauty in what is mostly a regular stay-at-home mums daily existence just trying to do her best until bedtime.

So, I have decided to share seven not so rosy-coloured things about myself today in order to shed a little light on a part of myself perhaps you thought was missing from these pages:

ONE: I THINK I HAVE A BLACK THUMB: I planted two tomato plants this Spring. I picked 6 off of one and we enjoyed them immensely. Then I forgot to water it and it died in the heat wave. There were another 3 big juicy tomatoes on the other plant, and when I went to water it last week I found that a possum had eaten them to smithereens. I also planted the zucchini in a pot that was too small and it died after we had plucked only about 5 zucchinis from it.
TWO: I’M NOT ALWAYS AS GREEN AS I’D LIKE TO BE: When we are traveling/on vacation we use disposable nappies. I try to find the ‘biodegradable’ ones, but sometimes we end up having to buy regular ones. I use plastic wrap on avocados and cheese. We buy take away sushi once every 3 weeks or so and I often forget to bring our own containers to the shop.

THREE: I AM NOT ALWAYS A MASTER CHEF: Because I experiment with vegetarian recipes all the time and I have a tendency to rush when cooking them (by 5:30 if there is not food on the table tummy grumbles turn to grumbling little ones very quickly) about once every 6-8 weeks I make a dinner that my husband flat out refuses to eat because something went amuck.

FOUR: ALTHOUGH I TRY, I CAN’T ALWAYS ZEN OUT AND BE AT PEACE WITH MY THOUGHTS: I often feel like I am 28 going on 38. So much of my lifestyle just doesn’t seem to be in tune with most people in their late twenties. I often feel like a garbage disposal. Scraps that North discards often end up in my mouth because there is no bin around. I often feel like an all-you-can-eat-buffet. Indigo has been waking up every 2 hours all night long for.... a long time. And it’s not really bugging me yet, but it sure seems to bother other people who gasp in horror when I tell them this. They give me a look as if to say, where are you going wrong? And that bugs me.

FIVE: THERE’S ONLY SO MUCH TIME FOR ME IN A DAY: I don’t floss nearly as much as I should, I never style my hair and I only wear makeup twice a week... But I do get a brazilian and my eyebrows waxed religiously. That counts for something, right?

SIX: I AM NOT A VERY GOOD AUSTRALIAN: I am terrified of spiders, sharks and jellyfish and I have no intention of ‘confronting my fears’. Everytime I open the door to the dark downstairs toilet I scan the room for spiders before going in. And the ocean? Still haven’t been in past my ankles since I moved here 5 years ago.

SEVEN: I OCCASIONALLY PIG OUT AND THEN FEEL GUILTY: Those chocolate covered digestive biscuits (McVites in Australia) are banned from our home. Because on the rare occasion that we do buy them, I kid you not, I will eat about 6 of them a day for 3 days, until they are all gone. I have no will power whatsoever when it comes to those melt-in-your-mouth cookies!

As for some of my favourite blogs at the moment:

Don't feel obligated to join in if I've mentioned you.

Hope you'll all come back tomorrow after seeing a bit of my dark side.

xo m.


emily said...

Fabulous. I think more blog-at-home-mamas should do an expose! Weekly! (I'm in the middle of realizing that my two year old no longer agrees with ANYTHING we do!)

Oh-- and through your blog I found SouleMama and did a {this moment} post:


Stephanie G. said...

I know what you mean about 28 going on 38. I turn 28 in two months and so little in common with most other twenty somethings I know. Most of friends are seems that people my age thing gardening, quilting, knitting and sustainable living are "old people" things....*sigh*


Melinda's Stories said...

I love that you, did a "real" list.
I was definatly one those bloggers who felt inadequate, earlier this week, cause my week wasn't as perfect as others.

kellie said...

Aaah wonderful! Thank you for being a 'real' Mama:) It is so refreshing to read. I have only been following your blog for a short time and I absolutely love it! Thank you! I am 40 ( old I know), have a two year old who co-sleeps with us and is still breast feeding and is STILL awake every couple of hours at night. He is happy, bright, healthy and securely attached:) You are doing a brilliant job and are a lovely lovely mother. Keep up the fabulous blogging:)

Mama Gone Green said...

Thanks for being real!

dixiebelle said...

It's really good to see your honesty about these things! Thank you. You seem so perfect on your blog, it was intimidating to me... I really appreciate that shared!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for being real. I read your blog often, among others and although very inspiring I do sometimes have that thought of "are these people real". It seems as though everything is perfect. But on the flip side...I think it is great that you focus on the positive....your blog is wonderful and you seem like an amazing mum....Oh..and I hear you on the waking up every two hours. My eight year old did this for eight two year old did this for eighteen months. They both now sleep perfectly through the night. My four month old has been much better in the sleep department so far...third time lucky??? P.S do you ever wish that there were more time for you??? I have this thought lately and wish I could find a way to let that go.

Gaby said...

Great post! I'm not a very good australian either. The one time I tried to surf in Byron Bay, I spent the whole time panicking whenever I thought I saw something in the water. And I also feel a bit out of sync with my peer group; I'm 24 and married, which makes me a bit of an anomaly. x

Tricia said...

Love it. Thanks for making me smile :-). That is such a sweet photo of you and Indigo.

Little Eco enjoyed an all-night-buffet for around a year and I can so relate to your feelings about other peoples gasps of horror. I even had one baby training mum jokingly comment that 'I was such a bad mum'. But now it's those same gasping mums that comment about how calm and sweet Little Eco is.

Only up to your ankles!? Go on, dive under ;-)

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for picking my blog as one of your fav's :-)

Kristi said...

ah...thanks sweet lady. i like your twist on this, it is comforting. xo.

ps. you both look gorgeous. loving the bangs.

Nadine said...

I also found this blog refreshing. I find your blogs inspiring but at times intimidating especially when I find myself struggling to be the 'perfect mom'. I think it's important for us to be honest about Motherhood. Sometimes it isn't that great. There are several Motherhood myths that are perpetuated and make it difficult for women to live up to. I think we should be more realistic about the expectations we set for ourselves as Mothers. In doing so, we can be more accepting of the challenges we face as Moms and more supportive of those women around us who are struggling, such as those suffering from Postpartum Depression.

Tania said...

I LOVE a bit of real! Dark side? Pah! I was taken aback last week when someone commented that my blog was very shiny and happy. Cripes. Must vent evil thoughts more.

So, so impressed about the brazilian...

Jo said...

I know what you girls mean - I have as many problems and frustrations with motherhood and my kids as the next mum (or more, it often feels like!), but I think if I dwelled on those aspects of life in my blog it would drag me and others down.

Obviously I'm too old to get the importance of the brazilian to you young gals, or maybe that's just my laziness :-)

Catherine said...

I'm so glad that you decided to play along:) and I love your spin on the seven things too. I have days when I get a bit hum drum and wonder what I could have done better but then I read blogs like yours and get inspired to try again. I love the photo of you and Indi, you're both beautiful.:) xo

Alison Burkett said...

Great post, thanks for your authenticity! A question for you: what you do you do about highlighting hair? Every six months I face this problem of wanting the look of highlights but preferring not to drink in chemicals through my you have any thoughts? Any insights on how it impacts breastfeeding or women's health? ~xo

gardenmama said...

aww gorgeous mama and wee babe!
it was lovely learning a bit more about you! thank you for sharing my name among such lovely bloggers and congratulations on your move, the images you shared in the above post are beautiful I can imagine your home will be warm and full with love xo

Michelle said...

Great post Meagan! I'm glad to see the real you. But boy, you are hard on yourself. You are the greenest mama I know!

Kate said...

Great post Meagan! I often find myself disinterested in all the too perfect blogs out there. I can't identify with them and they seem unrealistic to me. BUT I do love the way you explain it as your happy, highlight place.
I hope you are having a rosey coloured start to the week.

Shannon said...

They are my favourite biscuits too! it is so funny because on the label it says something along the lines of thes will not aid your digestion!

keiki on board said...

I love your blog! i also feel like I'm 28 (eh, 29) going on 38...its a weird time in life.
And I totally agree about the digestive biscuits. My uncle used to bring them to us from England and I always figured they were healthy because we didn't call them cookies ;)

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