Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the vegetarian child

I have been receiving a lot of emails with questions about how to cook vegetarian meals for the whole family; transitioning from meat-eating to vegetarianism and how my meat-eating husband fits into all of this. I have been planning to write a post about my husband's eating ethics in contrast to mine and how we deal with this in our day-to-day lives, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. But it is on my mind and in the making. I would also like to note that the children eat fish once every 10 days or so. This was a decision I made based on a few things which I go into in the first article- values and ethics. I just wanted to spell this out clearly because many 'real' vegetarians may be offended by my use of the word. The children are officially pescatarian, although North is starting to realise where his fish comes from and he has mentioned that he doesn't want to eat a fishy... so we'll see where that road takes us.

But, for now, I wrote three posts about the vegetarian child when I first started this blog and it has occurred to me that many of you will not have read them. Please start with these and then I will leave the comments section open to any other questions or requests you have. I promise to write back to each and every one of you (in the comments section for everyone to read) as soon as I can, as I realise I am not always great at this.

Vegetarian Family Resources from ecoMILF

values and ethics

what to think about, who to talk to and how to explain to others

recipes for babies and toddlers

a list of vegetarian blogs, websites, books and cookbooks that I love

a post I wrote on just that

Also, all of the recipes on this blog are vegetarian, so you can have a look through them for inspiration:

I hope this is a good start!

xo m.


Stephanie G. said...

You are a peach! Thanks for gathering this all in one place. I've already bookmarked a couple of the blogs....great ideas in there. Hopefully I won't have to bombard you with questions in the future!

Thanks again!

Stephanie :)

rhiby said...

Hi, as soon as I came across your blog, I knew this was what I was looking for! I am quite new to the quite extensive blogger world, and your blog is definitely my favourite that I have seen so far!
Although I currently don't have kids, I often wonder about what approach I will take in terms of subjecting my child to 'meat eating'. I am an ovo-vegetarian myself, and study nutrition and dietetics. I do understand your frustration when it comes to people questioning your eating habits. I am lucky that I live with three other girls, and my boyfriend who all respect and have similar opinions to mine. When it comes to the nutritional benefits of meat, I believe that it does not outweigh the harm that farming the animals and then butchering them causes. I would never advocate for someone to be vegetarian - I could only recommend that they have some meat-free meals every week, and buy free-range, abattoir-less meat and non-farmed fish (which is easier if you live on the coast like me). I have two dogs who do get fed meat every second night - though only kangaroo, which i believe is much more environmentally friendly and their killing more humane. Every other night they get boiled veggie scraps.
I also have friends who are vegetrian - but they do not know how to eat, or prepare food, right to make up for them missing out on a whole food group. So hence i started my blog to give such people recipe ideas.
I think it is great what you are doing. I also read a post of yours about breastfeeding - and I too am hopeful that society will one day learn to accept a mothers own choice about when she and her child are ready to stop breastfeeding. There is no doubt though that it is getting better.
I slso hope to read more of your blog soon to get some great tips on being more environmentally friendly - I did read a good one about using soap for laundry powder!
Thanks so much for this, you have really inspired me.

rhiby said...

Hi, as soon as I saw your blog I knew that it was what I was looking for! I have read a few posts now, regarding breastfeeding (which I also hope that society will one day learn to respect and accept a mothers own choices) and the really handy one about making your own clothes washing detergent!
Although I dont yet have kids I have always thought that I would only use cloth nappies, as my Mum did for us kids. I am also ovo-vegetarian, and have often wondered about subjecting my kids to 'meat eating'. I do have two dogs who do get feed meat every second night (boiled veggie scraps every other) -however I ensure that i only get kangaroo as although I could never eat it myself, in my beliefs and understandings kangaroo meat is a lot better environmentally, they are free to live and their killing is a lot more humane than other animals. And i also understand your frustration when people question you about your eating habits. I study nutrition/dietetics and although am aware of the nutritional benefits to eating meat - I do not believe that this outweighs the harm that farming and butchering these animals causes.
I am lucky that I live in a house of three girls, and my boyfriend, who all respect my decision to live meat-free.
Keep up with the lovely posts, I cant wait to get some time to read more.
Thanks for the inspiration!

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