Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what is bpa and why should i avoid it?

Hello there!

I have written a guest post for the Modern Little Munchkins blog today with some basic information about bpa and what all the fuss is about. Head over and have a look.

If you're in Australia I hope you're staying cool in this heat and if you're in a colder climate have a hot chocolate for me and enjoy the snow! And whether they children are grumpy and hot or stir-crazy inside remember to stay calm and carry on. This simple little saying has been getting me through a very humid week.

xo m.


Andréann said...

we're having lots of tea here :)
I'll take a look. I always need to refresh my mind on this as I often get asked why I don't allow my children to eat / drink in plastique

motherwho said...

Like Andreann I also avoid BPA as much as I can, particularly for my little one, but often have trouble answering when people ask questions about it. Will check out the link, thanks!

Dana said...

I´m not in Australia but very very very hot... guess?

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