Monday, March 21, 2011

felt leaf template

My wonderful Mama just sent us a package of goodies she has been collecting over the past few months including thrifted clothes, about 30 different themed cookie cutters and some thin coloured paper leaves. I thought the leaves would be a perfect pattern for felt versions- a lovely addition to your autumn nature table.

I plan on making them tonight, so no photos of the creations yet, but here are the very simple directions:

(please note this is not a felt leaf- this is the template/pattern to make them)

For one leaf:
Trace pattern onto coloured felt to make two pieces
Embroider leaf vein details onto one side of one of the leaves (if you want to- not necessary if this is too complicated)
Blanket stitch the two leaves together leaving a small opening for stuffing
Add a small amount of stuffing so that the leaf is still flat, but has some depth to it

Repeat as many times as you want with as many colours as you choose.

You could also make a fall mobile with a bunch of these hanging from a fallen branch as well.

xo m.


Stephanie G. said...

Funny! My grandmother just sent me a box with about 50 vintage cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes.

Stephanie :)

Tania said...

This shape could also make a nice applique on a little top.

W-S Wanderings said...

These are great fun to do,and get played with in SO many ways. They can also be stuffed with celophane for a crinkly leaf effect which works well with autumn themes. And babies love 'em :-)

What a box of treasures you received!

Blessings and light....

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