Saturday, March 26, 2011

the green smoothie

The combination of 24/7 breastfeeding sessions, a very active toddler and dog who loves to run means I am basically on my feet from the moment I get up until about 8 or 9pm. Enter the green smoothie: the most sustaining and nourishing part of my day. I have been religiously drinking one of these almost everyday for a couple months now and it has really made a huge difference on my energy levels and my overall mood. It kick starts my day with a large amount of plant-based protein, tons of super vitamins and minerals and dietary fibre.

big handful of clean kale or spinach or swiss chard or a tsp of green barley powder
3 tsp pea protein powder
1 cup almond milk
1 organic banana
1 tbs peanut butter or almond butter
drizzle or honey or maple syrup
a few ice cubes

Blend until smooth

So good. So easy. And exactly what my body needs right now.

xo m.


Kory said...

I love smoothies and there is something about green smoothies that just feels RIGHT. Funny I just took pictures of our latest smoothie to post on my blog since I'm seeing them everywhere!

Thanks for sharing your recipe! I always add hemp oil for omegas (plus it's super sweet!).

Alice Becomes said...

thanks for sharing this recipe...sounds like just what I need...i have been struggling to get started in the mornings lately, i must give this a go!

Gill xo

Sunshine Mama said...

I used to drink green smoothies daily and I had so much energy, I'd practically be bouncing around all day! I'm not sure why or how I fell off the green smoothie wagon, but I've gotten back on recently and it feels amazing! Mine is quite different than yours, but I think the greens are key. Now green smoothies are my idea of fast food! Because it's great food, you can eat/drink it anywhere, and it's fast :)

Leslie said...

this sounds amazing

kollene carlsson said...

oh wow! my body totally needs this too right now! I'm off to the market! thanks!

LJ said...

With three kids under four I totally hear on you the never sitting down part. I think I need something like this too. Thanks!!

Aussie Mum said...

I made my first "green smoothie" for the kids this weekend after meaning to try it for weeks. To my amazement Rascal loved it so there will be more being made in our household from now on. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

superhappyjohi said...

that's how i start my days too... today it was: spinach, banana, mint leaves, green apple, 2 dates, stevia leaves, icecubes. blend. ready! heaven! :)

Amanda Browning said...

Thanks for life is a bit like yours at present and I might just need a boost from something like this. Only thing is I will have to replace the banana as they are so expensive down here in Vic at present...$11.95 a kilo for regular bananas!

Carmella said...

Yeah Banana's are exxy at the moment! I tried to buy 3 banana's this morning for my green smoothie ritual, but alas $9.50 for 3 banana's :-(

Catherine Lowe said...

hey ladies try

And my blog post with more info

Catherine Lowe said...

oh, sorry here it is:

Michelle said...

I love green smoothies and have one everyday too! My favourite is banana, kale and water, with a tablespoon of coconut oil and chia seeds. Delish! If I can't afford bananas I use fresh apple juice or a nice ripe pear instead.

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