Wednesday, March 23, 2011

homemade linen spray

One of my favourite things, especially when the bed isn't quite getting the attention it deserves due to many other priorities.

image from I only wish my bed looked this lovely

homemade linen spray
small spray bottle
15 drops essential oil (we love mandarin and peppermint, but lavender is always perfect for a calm night's sleep)
1 tbs vodka

xo m.


thejadeleaf said...

Hi M. I was thinking about your 'oil cleansing routine' and thought I must see if you've heard of Dr. Bronners All In one Organic Castile Soap. It is what we use for Ruby (8 months) and what I use for my whole body including my face. Just thought you might be interested. Jade x

ZippyZippy said...

Thanks for sharing - just wondering why the vodka gets put in? What does it do?
And my word verification is "wines" :)

Where in the World is That Guy? said...

You ripped this from my mind this morning. I was just thinking about buying Febreeze or something, and then here this was. Thanks! Hope you're great.

HiHoRosie said...

We make a similar solution (w/o the vodka) and love it. Why do you add vodka to yours?

Catherine Lowe said...

oww, what a lovely idea. thanks :)

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