Sunday, March 27, 2011

in honur of earth hour- some urban gardening

We spent the entire day and evening weeding, tilling, fertilising and planting our front and back gardens. When we moved in a month ago, the backyard was completely barren and the front yard was a total mess. Not a plant or flower in sight just bone dry dirt, garbage and heaps of dried leaves. Well, we now have the beginnings of a beautiful garden along the edges of both the front and the backyard. We planted little wildflower seedlings that will bloom throughout the winter right on through spring in the back. Our frontyard is bordered with vibrant orange marigolds and a few other similar flowers. We also purchased a raised garden bed for vegetables (yet to be put together) and have our eye on another one come Spring. I am going to plant some vegetable seeds this week in homemade individual biodegradable boxes and once the garden bed is ready we'll plant them all out.

Photos are to come as we were too busy to take any and it has been bucketing with rain for two days straight. But for now, here are a few inspirational gardens I've had my eye on of late.

Please, don't ever feel like you can't enjoy a garden because you rent or you live in a small urban space. There are so many options from pots to raised beds and you can always grow beautiful (and edible!) plants and flowers inside your home or apartment too.

cool way to grow seedlings, herbs and microherbs without a lot of space, from here

tutorial on making cute garden markers, from here

wine barrel garden pots, from here (they sell these at Bunnings)

gorgeous raised garden beds, from here

adorable birdhouses, from here

For more about my urban gardening adventures see here. And don't forget about all of our lovely herbs and lettuces. All of those pots made it to the new house and continue to thrive. Thank you to those who suggested we added sage and lavender to the mix. I did and am loving them both!

xo m.


dixiebelle said...

I like those planters along the side of the house... clever and attractive! Off to check out their website.

superhappyjohi said...

i was planting and working in our rooftop garden yesterday afternoon. my first cherry tomatoes are almost ready! :) Good luck with the veggie garden! :)

Prairie Mother said...

Thanks for sharing those photos. I really like the rain gutter idea. I think that would work fabulous around our backyard fence, above our dog.

It's spring here in the states and we are only a few more weeks away from the full swing of gardening. It's still been freezing nights here. How mild is Australia's winters? Are you able to have a garden year round?

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