Thursday, March 17, 2011

one thousand gifts

I am presently reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, a book about one mother's spiritual journey- a quest to finding true happiness. The book is a personal narrative and centers around a challenge Ann set for herself- recording 1000 things she was grateful for within everyday moments. I often read Ann's blog, A Holy Experience for inspiration.

I've already laughed, cried and had goosebumps cover my body in intense realisation. So, last night, I started my own gratitude journal which I hope to add to each and every day.

Here are the first few entries:

1. heartfelt expressions of gratitude from a 2-year-old

2. mandarin, lemon and peppermint oils diffusing throughout the house

3. the crisp and cool autumn air, overcast grey skies and soft cotton long sleeve shirts

4. kind hearts and words that reach out to me through the world wide web and pull me into a like-minded and supportive community of strong women and mothers

5. warm homemade apple sauce with cinnamon and cashews

6. the brave and selfless ones, presently sacrificing their own health and safety to help others in Japan

xo m.


Saminda said...

I am planning to read this book as soon as I am able to purchase a copy. I truly love reading Ann's blog - it's beautiful. :)

Catherine said...

This is a beautiful idea Meagan. A lovely little reminder to each day be grateful for all the little things because they are what really matters the most. xo

jodi said...

your little notes are so precious. I'll have to get a copy of this book. Seems like just the kind of thing I would like to read right now x

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for wonderful people who take tme out of their busy days to share their lives and experiences and provide readers with a place to check-in and re-center and share inspiration !! Here's to a meet-up soon !! :) Lauren xxx

I am Lady Jay said...


Tell us more about the essential oils diffusing through the house! so you use strategically placed oil burners?

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