Thursday, March 10, 2011

our autumn nature table

I'm in the midst of cutting out some felt leaves too. And might even brave this beautiful pattern if I am feeling really adventurous. Welcome fall! Sun-kissed days, cool evenings, the harvest've always been my favourite season.

xo m.

PS. The owl was made by lovely Kristi- thank you again.

PPS. I'd love to add a miniature gourd or squash or pumpkin to the table but can't figure out where to get one (or a few)... any suggestions?


Shannon said...

The supermarket often has tiny pumpkins. Is it getting chilly is Sydney? we are waiting for the equinox to herald autumn - still too warm here.

Emily said...

It's funny that we both posted about our nature tables today! Autumn for you, and spring for me. Hoorah for the change of seasons! xo

messyfish said...

Harris farm market....eeek or an organic grocer often have little golden nugget pumpkins which are great because they are orange skinned!

Linda said...

Your nature table is beautiful! Thanks for the link:)

Tania said...

I've often seen them in the supermarket at this time of year.

Kristi said...

i am so happy the owl found a home on your autumn nature table. xx.

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration Megan ... this nature table is so BEAUTIFUL. I love it. When I was a kid there was a man down the road known as 'the pumpkin man' who grew myriad different varieties of pumpkins and made a huge display of them every autumn. You just reminded me of him. My brother and I used to love going to visit to check out his kookie displays.
Katie (Manitsas) x

The Dutch Girl said...

I love it! This is my first visit here and seeing your autumn table in March confused me for a moment, but I figured it out. The fall is my favorite season but right now I am more than ready for spring.

Have a happy day!

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