Tuesday, March 22, 2011

so many ways to enjoy miso

Miso is a fermented soybean paste (although alternatively it can be made with fermented rice, barley or wheat) that comes in many different flavours and strengths. It is a very versatile condiment that provides wonderful health benefits. Although high in sodium, a tiny amount of it provides a rich source of minerals including zinc, maganese and copper. It is high in vitamin B12 (very important for vegetarians and vegans), protein and fibre. You can use miso as a salt-substitute in many dishes increasing your food's vitamin and mineral content. Try to add miso to hot dishes only when the sauce or soup is totally finished cooking and off the burner, as if it is overheated it loses a lot of its beneficial enzymes.

Experiment with the different varieties and flavours your local health food store has on offer and choose the one(s) you prefer. Here are some of the ways we enjoy miso in our home:

miso soup: add in veggies, tofu, noodles and whatever else you'd like in this tangy soup

toast topping: as a replacement for vegemite- spread margerine or butter and then add a generous portion of miso to the top

addition to guacamole: blend a couple teaspoons of miso with the avocado and lime juice

cilantro pesto: blend together cilantro, garlic, cashews, miso and olive oil

salad dressing: mix together a few teaspoons of miso, tamari, rice wine vinegar, grated ginger and sesame oil for a delicious Japanese style dressing

mashed potatoes: stir in some miso with the butter and milk

tomato sauce: add a few tablespoons for a tangy salt-replacement

in a sandwich: spread tahini and miso on bread- wonderful with avocado as well

xo m.


Ooty said...

My fav is "white" miso with tomato =)

Jo said...

Do you have a favourite type and also brand? I love using other Japanese foods too but always try to watch out for fish products - like dashi.

dixiebelle said...

Thank you! I've been wanting to try miso but wasn't exactly sure how to include it!

apples with honey said...

Oh wow.
That looks delish!
Do you make those tortillas yourself?
I would love the recipe.

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