Wednesday, March 23, 2011

thank you

Me: metaphorically sloshing through the river of attachment parenting, breastfeeding and never-ending domestic duties. (Tell me again why I mop the floors when food is spilled all over them within seconds?) I hope to visit you all more often when I reach the other side of the bank.

I am spinning with life right now. Brad is working from dawn to dusk six days a week (not that that's anything new). I have absolutely no family (or in-laws) in Sydney and no friends close by (we don't have a car so this makes us very local). I am feeling stretched beyond belief and this space has become even more of a happy escape than usual.

That said, I just haven't been able to visit other blogs or respond to comments the way I did before Indigo was born, and for that I am truly sorry. I hope that as the kids get older and when North starts preschool (January '12!!) I will be able to pop over and visit all of you much more often.

In the meantime, I think I am well overdue to extend a thank you from the bottom of my heart. I receive comments and emails all the time with advice, well wishes and kind words. I just want you all to know that your presence is such a daily blessing. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for you and am so flattered and honoured that you enjoy seeing and hearing about little bits of our lives. If you haven't read it already, please see this post with a bit of insight about why I do what I do.

Below is just a tiny sample of some of the comments and emails I get on a daily basis:

Hi M. I was thinking about your 'oil cleansing routine' and thought I must see if you've heard of Dr. Bronners All In one Organic Castile Soap. It is what we use for Ruby (8 months) and what I use for my whole body including my face. Just thought you might be interested. Jade x
Thank you for another book recommendation, a gratitude journal is such a beautiful idea.
I've just started reading
Calm & Compassionate Children. It's so wonderful to read words that resonate with my heart & mind. I really get so much from your blog. Thank you for writing it & sharing your thoughts, recipes & ideas.
I was admiring a pinterest board of yours when I came across something I'd like to make you to say thank you...
I won the one skein giveaway you held a year or so ago, so now it is your turn to be blessed with a gift.
Have a beautiful week- Kitty
thanks for your gorgeous blog! i have not written in ages, but you are such an inspiration - thank you. I am noting down some of your quick meal tips and find them sooooo useful when my brain is dead & cant be pained to trawl for new ideas.
So a big mega thank you!!!-
Hi M,

I just came to tell you I cooked your
farmhouse vegetable and barley soup for dinner and how wonderful it was and I saw your giveaway. I have been making a few of your recipes since stopping by last week. Really enjoying your blog and would love your book. - Lani
Hello there

Just thought I'd drop by and say thank-you for your inspiring, real and fantastic blog that you write - I am always pleased to read your new posts and feel like we have a lot in common with the things you write!

cleaning kit has particularly inspired me and I have made my own I have added it to my blog and mentioned your blog there too - hope you don't mind? (just say if you do and I'll change it)
- Victoria


Thank you all for being here with me and for inspiring me to grow, to be accountable, and to be real and honest.

xo m.


Catherine Lowe said...

i wrote a bit waffle of a post! but lost it. so just going to cut a lot out and hope that you get a moment to sit and enjoy a cuppa looking at the sky, without worrying about a little one - just for a moment :)
Wish we were in Sydney to visit :)

Michelle said...

Hang in there lovely lady! See you on the other side - we'll be waiting for you!


thejadeleaf said...

What a lovely post M. Isn't it amazing how even when you're so busy, and days are so full, that you can still feel lonely. I too don't have any family nearby. Take comfort from the fact that we mamas are all in this together. You truly are amazing and inspiring. Jade x

Prairie Mother said...

Hang in there! I've been where you are and it does get easier...even when you are all alone.

Even amongst a down time, that you can take the time to say thank you shows what a fabulous woman you are!

Anonymous said...

AAAWWW! We all feel overwhelmed by this at some point. I feel the same and yet I have family, a car and friends close well as a hubby who works reasonable hours! Thankyou for being so honest.Because of your honesty...I have had a bit of a lightbulb moment and realised that I am lucky to have all that I have! And for that I should be more grateful. You are awesome and inspirational. Give yourself a big huge pat on the back! x

Rhiannon said...

What a beautiful post. My son Cooper just had his first birthday, so understand the time restraints you are feeling! I manage to hop on the computer each day to have a quick facebook check-in with the friends i struggle to see, quickly check my emails, and then always pop over to ecoMILF, as it is my pick me up. You make me want to be a better mummy, a better person, you are inspiring to many of us i'm sure.
Thankyou meagan, if i knew you properly I would give you a big hug!
Rhiannon Ward xx

Kristi said...

oh sweet lady we know your a busy one.

Nicole said...

Remember to tell yourself, "this too shall pass"- I have been reading your blog for a while and you started to seem kind of "too perfect", which can get frustrating when I myself feel like a mess sometimes (frequently) but I really appreciate how you are also honest about the challenges because as a parent they certainly exist.
Wishing you courage as you go on.

Tricia said...

Thankyou for taking the time to share your thoughts and knowledge with us....

I know what it's like to be somewhere with a young baby and no family. I hope you settle into your new home quickly and that Brad starts working shorter hours soon.

I've more of less given up on finding the time to comment on blogs also. There;s so many wonderful spaces to visit, that if I commented on them all i'd be sitting in fornt of the computer all day.

Hope you are having a lovely restful weekend. t. x

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