Thursday, April 14, 2011

autumn pants

Last year I decided that one of our Easter traditions would be to sew a pair of 'autumn pants' for the children to go in their Easter basket each year. You can see the pair I sewed for North last year here.

It took me a long time to get organised, make a pattern for each of them and just get into it, but I finally sat down and cut them out.

I am using thrifted fabric for North's and some fabric I bought from RetroMummy over a year ago for Indigo's. They will each have a simple elastic waist, cuffed bottoms and a pocket on the bottom.

I haven't used the sewing machine since Indigo was born so I can't wait to buckle down and start her up.

But when, oh when? I have just over a week before Easter!

For many more creations of the Easter kind visit the Queen of creativity, Kirsty.

xo m.


Gaby said...

I'm sure you'll get them finished before easter! The fabrics are great, hope you post a photo of the kids wearing them when you're done :)

karen said...

what great pants for your children to enjoy on easter

Maxabella said...

That's a lovely tradition. Autumn and Pants just really go together, don't they!! x

Advice From A Caterpillar said...

You are sooooo good!!! Love LOVE LOVE the pants...the prints are just sooooooo fantastic! Love the pockets on them too!!!
xoAdvice From A Caterpillar Store

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