Monday, April 18, 2011

cut and paste decorated easter eggs

North and I have been busy little bunnies preparing together for Easter. We've grown Easter grass, we've baked
hot cross buns and we've also blown and decorated our very own Easter eggs.

I am so pleased with how beautifully these turned out. It was a such an easy and clean(!) activity for us to do together while Indi was having her morning nap.

Thin and decorated paper (like tissue paper, old wrapping paper or origami paper)
Glossy glue that dries clear (like Mod Podge)
a brush or fingers if you don't mind them getting sticky

Empty the eggs by using a pin to prick a small hole in both of the pointy ends of the egg, cover one hole with your mouth and blow out the egg yolk and white into a bowl (for more details see hallow eggs)
Cut the paper into small strips about 1 inch long at varying thicknesses and in varying shapes and sizes
Cover the egg with a layer of glue
Place a piece of paper on top, cover again with glue and repeat until you have covered as much of the egg as you like

Create your own nest with wool, yarn and twigs to hold them in or hang them with thread or string in a window or on a fallen branch in a vase

xo m.


karen said...

these look great, must give them a try

Emm said...

These bring back memories! My siblings and I used to make these every year when we were little :-)
Happy easter Meagan and family xxx

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